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Karen Bishop, November 11, 2010

Greetings everyone!

A brief "book" message and a planetary update:

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who expressed an interest in my new book, and that is why I am connecting with you now. For those of you who mailed with updated contact information or new contact information, almost all of you were already entered into the database correctly. For others, know that you are now on the list. The reason for this e-mail is to stay in touch in regard to the progress of the book, as it has been a bit delayed. But to elaborate on my long excuses why, I thought it best to explain it within another brief planetary update (so there would be a method to my madness!). So here it is:

I mentioned in my last e-mail to you that we had a massive release beginning in late August and continuing through most of September. We were done with the intense cleansing process of the summer (which left many of us acutely depleted, as it was like receiving chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to remove as much of the darker and denser energy as possible). 

So then, after we were complete with this lengthy and challenging process (where it felt as if there was no light anywhere), we were released onto a new and freshly cleansed palette. After we were released, it was planned that new connections would be made, all according to who ended up where and how each and every one of us was now vibrating. Thus, we would then gravitate to whom, to where or to what was now a much better fit for each and every one of us. Immediately after being released, things felt great and good again because of the clean and fresh palette. But oh so slowly, the energies began to clog up again with more density. Then on 10/10/10 we had a huge energy push forward to assist in the new beginning. These massive energy surges can frequently be felt as rapid heart palpitations, hyperventilation, pressure, anxiety, lots of movement, etc. 

During this same time frame, the waves of energy also began; meaning that the energies would be up for awhile, and then severely drop for a while. During the drop phase, it was like everything had bottomed out or that there was no wind in any sail. But then up again the energies would go and we felt up on top once again. This was because connections were being made, if oh so slowly. Up, down, up, down. All during this time things were so so with feeling back to normal (although we will never be back to normal again, but at least we are moving back into the light once again).

Then on Tuesday November 2nd, we had a massive influx of feminine energy. We may have felt like doing, doing, doing with lots of energy that almost endless supply of energy with no fatigue. The following day the feminine energy could really be felt. Perhaps expressing itself as a time for basking with no motivation, or just a time for self care. It arrived as an attempt to get things moving with the new connections. They had stalled out a bit and things were beginning to revert back to the old familiar.

This feminine energy could also be experienced as a sudden knowing that the old masculine energy was now gone and had no more power. If you are female, you may have felt a strong desire to connect with girlfriends...the "girlfriend" energy was very strong. You may have had a sudden aversion to men (no offense guys...we know you can have evolved masculine energy along with feminine!). In most ways involving feminine energy, it was most distinctly here.

This new wave of feminine energy did what feminine energy does. It provided support, lots of love, caring, and lots of heart. But the main thing is that it provided a much needed thrust of connection, as feminine energy loves to connect together in most instances and instinctively knows how to do it. It may have felt like spring was here with a very new beginning, all sparkling and light, with crystals glowing and fairy dust abounding, or simply that things had changed and would now be good once again. 

Now that the feminine energy has arrived, the "highs" are holding their own much more. Good things are happening once again, support is here, and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel...or rather in the here and now. These connections and this new grid will allow us to move forward and create a new reality for ourselves. There is now a firm grid in place (unless something unforeseen comes along, which has happened many times in the past, but let us cross our fingers that we are now finally situated). Now, along comes 11/11/10, and this provides the portal of entry into the new....yet another support. Because this portal created an entry into the new, it then activated a time of grieving for the loss of the old. Perhaps feeling sad and crying for no apparent reason, or maybe for a good reason! Along with the arrival of the feminine last week, with the 10/10/10 energy pushing us forward into a new beginning, and now with the 11/11/11 portal and the new connections, we are finally looking pretty good.

If you have recently cleaned out your closets or removed yourself from anything that no longer fits who you are, you are most assuredly ready for a new beginning in a very new space, and this is why I am writing to you tell you of my new space and why then, the small delay with the new book.

At the beginning of October, a series of events occurred for me that made it abundantly clear that it was time to sell my home, as it no longer fit the purpose for which it was originally intended. Needless to say, I was stunned and quite frankly, dug in my heels. In no way was I ready to welcome yet another move. But then as these things often do, after I resisted, I was practically kicked out by energies pushing me out in no uncertain terms. At this point, I really had no choice, and know I will be much better off.

Preparing for selling and all that goes with selling a home has taken up most of my time since then, leaving no time to write or even to be in that particular space...thus the delay. But my higher self knows that I am going to my next step and my new space and it is all about rejuvenation. After experiencing massive loss and great endings with almost everything, our next step is to rejuvenate before we move more fully into our heaven on Earth. I will thus be re-locating to the feminine energies of the mountains of western North Carolina, among waterfalls, nature spirits galore, and the smiling faces of four amazing children. I am excited about my next step, as it falls in line with our process and I will be able to bring forth my next endeavor much easier from there. I never dreamed this would be where I ended up for this last phase, but after the sifting and sorting was over, it now makes sense.

Although "the plan" never carried out as it was intended a year ago, it is having a similar result now, of only in a different way with differing scenarios that fit us much better.

The new book is about experiencing massive loss, pain, suffering, a loss of identity, and explains why this is part of the process as this is the in-between stage before arriving in our heaven on Earth. There is a particular pattern and process that repeats itself in all areas of our lives before we move forward into things very new, and it is explained in the book, along with much more. Along the way, if we know what to look for and how to identify it, we can see that we have been divinely guided all along, watched over from above, and protected the entire time. 

For those unusually sensitive and with lots of heart, this past year has been nearly unbearable and it certainly felt like the planet earth  was no longer a place we could inhabit. Enduring these energies of late, and the climate they existed in, created an exodus for many, as it simply became too much (I was myself called home on three separate occasions). For those of us still hanging in there, it is time for a huge group hug.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life during these miraculous times,

Karen Bishop 

Karen Bishop, P.O. Box 15196, Rio Rancho, NM 87174, USA

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