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Uriel's Message --

Living in Trust

by Jennifer Hoffman

Trusting that you will be provided for is one of the lessons of the Shift and yet, for many of you, despite your trust, this path has not been easy. You may feel that your trust has not been rewarded, that your needs have not been met and that your spiritual journey is much more difficult than that of someone who is not on the spiritual path. Yes, the Universe does provide and your trust is abundantly rewarded but you must act with trust, not wait in trust. Trust requires that you act on opportunities and situations that are provided to you, no matter how illogical or unfamiliar they may be. Having trust but being unable to take a step in any direction merely shows a lack of trust.

The difficult steps on your journey are not there to test your resolve, your faith or your courage. They are the necessary steps on your path to wholeness. No matter how difficult the situation, if you trust that you know what you are doing and are on the right path, the answers that you seek will always be provided to you. But when you give up or lose faith, you also lose the connection to the trust that you need to take you to the next step. And as you lose trust in yourself and in the Universe, you also lose the ability to move forward, so you remain stuck in the same place because it is your willingness to trust in the perfection and potential of each moment that provides you with the next opportunity.

There is a belief that a spiritual path does not require the same effort and motivation as a non-spiritual path. That is simply not true. What are your motivations for your spiritual journey? Do you want joy and peace in your life? Do you want to be a teacher or healer? Do you want to help others? You must know these things before you can trust that the Universe will meet your needs because your needs and intention create the form that will satisfy them. Trusting that the Universe will provide and then not taking any action, even something as simple as stating your intention, will not generate any results.

You can trust that the Universe will meet your needs but it can only meet those needs that you are willing to stand for, work towards and then follow each opportunity that presents itself to you. Do not trust that the Universe will provide if you do nothing. Instead, trust that the Universe will provide and will also guide your steps along the path of your intention. Your spiritual journey may not always appear smooth, but when you trust that what you pray for will be given to you in the most perfect way and that you are always guided on your journey, your trust will be abundantly rewarded. This week, clearly state your intention for your spiritual journey, then trust that those intentions will manifest for you. Follow each opportunity that is provided to you and trust that all is in perfection. Then watch the miracles unfold in your life as you trust that you are on the right path, doing the right things and that your journey in trust is abundantly rewarded.

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