About Meditating

For those who are not familiar with meditating I placed some powerful meditations and visualisations.

Meditating is not difficult, it only requires discipline and making time for yourself in your busy daily life. That way you can concentrate on your innerself that is waiting for you to make contact with it. It is the very part of you that you don't hear or don't listen to most of the day.

Many people say they can't or don't know how to meditate but if you tell them to just spend 5 minutes by themselves away from the kids, work, whatever... in quietness, they even can't afford that. So how can you say you can't if you don't even try?
No one else is going to do it for you.

The following meditations may seem difficult but in fact they are not. You won't be straining yourself. Once you read it (or maybe twice) and try it out you will find how easy it is. These meditations are very beneficial and powerful. In the beginning you may have thoughts flashing and chitter chatter in your mind, just ignore it and it wil eventually stop after a bit of practice.

I suggest you give it a go!