The Meaning of Your Name

by Diana Cooper

Soul quality expressing Soul lessons Colours
a  __   purityto remain pure Pearlescent White
aye  __   purity of spirit to transmute all lower thoughts and feelings Pearlescent White with soft Violet
ah  __  openheartednessto open your heart to others feelings Pearlescent White with pale Green
b  __  practicalityto be solid and grounded Earthy Brown
c  __  vitalityto look after your health Soft Red
d  __  generosityto be giving Magenta
e  __  honesty in relationshipsto learn through relationships Green/Blue
ee  __  love in relationshipsto allow relationships to flower Soft Pink
f  __  power with wisdomto use power correctly Deep Gold with Hematite Grey
g  __  supportto support self and others, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Moss Green
h  __  nurturingto shelter and nurture self and others Chestnut Brown
i  __  self awarenessto understand yourself Blue
iye  __  spiritualityto explore the world beyond the physical Lilac into Violet
j  __  rulershipto express your majesty Purple
k  __  wise teachingto teach knowledge with wisdom Golden Yellow
l  __  wisdomto see situations from a higher perspective Misty Blue
n  __  centrednessto flow with life and stay balanced Blue/Green
o  __  integrityto act with integrity Silver Grey
oh  __  truthto be true to self, in your essence Gemini Blue
oo  __  divine connectednessto stay connected to the divine Violet
p   __  solidity, capabilityto be capable Dark Green
q  __  opennessto be open and honest Silver/Pink
r  __  honest communicationto communicate your truth Deep Blue with Silver
s  __  trustworthinessto be trustworthy Blue/Grey
t  __  contentmentto be contented Soft Blue
ewe  __  personal integrityto keep your integrity while protecting your heart Deep Turquoise
uh  __  vulnerabilityto look after your fragile heart Soft Pale Green
v  __  true powerto use your strength with care Hematite Grey
w  __  compassion\openheartednessto allow your open heart to shine Deep Pink
x  __ wise teacherto teach sacred knowledge Grey/Blue
y  __  lightness\purityto express angelic qualities Gold and Pearlescent White
z  __  wisdomto maintain your inner knowing Pale Green with Purple
ch  __  protectionto protect and honour yourself and others Charcoal Grey
sh  __  inner beautyto express your inner beauty Orange/Pink
th  __  tenacity of purposeto hold onto what is important Darkgreen

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