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Kirael's Numerology

The planet Earth is a construct of a matrix based almost entirely on numbers. The other two factors in this construct are sounds and lights, which are emitted by numbers in varying combinations.

Numbers have played an unending role in the development of all evolutionary systems. There are no absolutes, for there are limitless numerical combinations. When one is bound by an absolute, the possibility for growth is nullified.

Your life is based on a matrix of numerical systems. It moves in endless patterns of lights and pulsations generated by the numbers of the matrix. Your life, like the life of the planet, has the possibility for limitless evolutionary growth. This is why an awareness of numerology can be important in helping you understand and consciously create your life's journey.

For thousands of years people have understood how the stars influence their lives, perhaps not recognizing that astrology is based on numerical equations. Now you may see the beauty of how numerology affects your life on a daily basis.

The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation discussed in this book can also be viewed in terms of numerology or, more specifically, the numerology brought forth by Master Kirael. The Principle of Truth, for example, is the first of the Ten Principles and is assigned the numerical value of 1. In Kirael's numerology, 1 is your connection to the Creator's Light. The Principle of Clarity is a "4," the number related to thoughts and thought processes.

You can also use Kirael's numerology to increase your awareness of the energies flowing through each day. Take the date of November 23rd, for example: the month is an 11 and the day is a 23. When you add all the digits separately, you arrive at a numerical value for the day: 1+1+2+3=7. Seven represents the energy of "transition." So on this "7" day, it may be helpful to be aware of transitions occurring in your life or how certain activities, projects or relationships are in a state of transition. (Note: if adding the digits of a month and day produce a double-digit result, simply add the two digits of the result to arrive at the root numerical value of that date. For instance, June 27 produces 6+2+7=15. Adding the two digits of the result indicates a "6" day: 1+5=6, the number of "mastery.") You can also apply this system of numerology to the year; 2003, for instance, is a "5" or the year of love. By using Kirael's numerology every day, you will find how a simple understanding of the energy of numbers can guide you in making new, conscious choices in your life. Your life will evolve in harmony with the universe.

Here is a brief summary of Kirael's numerological associations:

1 -- God-Creator -- The number one offers an opportunity to reconnect to the Creator Light within you and to know that something completely new is about to begin. It is interesting that in numerology, the number one always follows a nine, or "completion."

2 -- Balance -- A number two reminds you that the third-dimensional world in which we live is based on duality and that yin/yang situations are all around us. In this case, it is best to take a look at where your life is and to move your thoughts into a higher, more balanced "trinity" level of understanding.

3 -- Trinity -- Allow yourself to be guided by the trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion when the number is a three. Love, the one force in Creation that has no opposite, is created and held within this trinity, so perhaps you will feel this essence awakening within you. Something bright and beautiful is about to take place in your life.

4 -- Thought -- Four refers to the energy of thought. When four is the number, be very conscious of your thought processes. Keep your thoughts extremely positive because in the world of thought, they can readily be manifested in any direction.

5 -- Love -- Five is the number of the unconditional Love of the Creator. When the number is five, watch for anything around you that can resonate in love and take advantage of it. Be in love and feel love surrounding you. When you choose love as the foundation of each decision, all comes to perfection in light.

6 -- Mastery -- A number six reminds you that you are in control of your life. Take this opportunity to focus on mastery. Complete all lessons and leave nothing undone. As master of your own life, make decisions that allow you to ascend to new levels of conscious awareness.

7 -- Transition -- The number seven offers you the possibility of transition and change. You can experience this simultaneously on multiple levels and move from one level to the next. You are in the flow of change and transformation.

8 -- Infinity -- The number eight signifies that the present is being experienced in two realities at the same time, as in a continuous loop. You are in simultaneous connection with both spirit (non-physical) and matrix (physical) energies. If you can remain in the center of the loop looking out at both directions, you are in a good space.

9 -- Completion -- Nine indicates that completion is at hand and it is a time to move on. Recognize that you have the choice to complete anything you choose to in your life. The beauty of a completion is that it always leads to a new beginning with the number one again.

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