Do what you love and the money will follow.

by Paula Peterson

Now just what exactly does that mean?  Many have heard this phrase, yet few have recognized its wisdom and fewer still have actually acted on it.

Each of us were born with specific talents. Yes, even as infants, the blueprint of who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing is already hard-wired into our soul's design. The challenge is in acknowledging these talents and allowing them to emerge and blossom.

Most people get locked into work that is less than satisfying just so they can pay the bills, please their families or fit into society and be just like very one else who doesn't like their job. Its a road that will eventually lead to unhappiness - even physical illness - until one is willing to step out and act on the natural yearnings that cry out from their heart and soul.

Follow your heart:  a trite statement perhaps. However, it is deep wisdom that has endured the ages. If you know what calls to your heart, then you know which path to embark upon. It does not mean that all the answers are immediately apparent; but it does mean that guidance and support is available.

Think of it this way : if you wanted to drive to a scenic area that you've longed to see, but you've never taken the road before, would you be discouraged and not take the risk to drive there simply because you've never been on that road before and don't know what to expect? 

Even though the landscape you pass by is new to you; even though you may encounter a rough road; even though you may have car trouble; even though you might end up taking a detour; even though you don't know what to expect over all - it doesn't stop you from getting there.  Arriving at your destination is well worth taking the risk of not knowing what may happen.

You can likely come up with a better analogy than a road trip. But the bottom line is, that if you allow your doubt and fear to slow you down or stop you altogether, then you will never know what possibilities or potentials are in store for you.

When you arrive at old age and you're thinking back on your life, will you have too many regrets that you did not take more risks?

Recently I interviewed an old friend - Daniel Holeman - who has become very successful as an international artist. I chose to interview Daniel because of what he was able to accomplish in spite of the difficulties he encountered. Daniel experienced what most of us experience when taking a leap of faith:  the self-doubt, the struggles with money, the disappointments, the set-backs, etc.

We often marvel at the success and accomplishments of others and mistakenly believe that we are not talented enough nor good enough to do the same. Keep in mind, that those who are successful today, who have achieved remarkable works or who have achieved a life of deep contentment and grace  - once struggled through difficult circumstances and overwhelming obstacles.

We don't see or know about these successful people before they become successful. We only discover them after they have passed through the "fires of hell" so to speak. Ask the majority of accomplished individuals and they will tell you of their personal struggles prior to achieving their dream. Some will tell you that they almost gave up.  Many will say that they continued on and persevered even in the face of poverty or spite of ridicule from others.

In reading my interview about Daniel's life, you may be inspired and uplifted. You will also see examples of his beautiful art along with contact info at the end. So please do check the article and new page on my website.  I think you will be impressed!

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