Our Unfolding Reality

by Jennifer Hoffman

We experience much of our lives in linear time, meaning that things happen in a somewhat logical order. There is a cause and an effect, an action and a consequence and we can predict many of these with some degree of accuracy. This is because in linear time we base the future on what happened in the past. But when we begin to question our reality and to open ourselves to other possibilities we step out of linear time and into the field of possibilities, so in addition to the one known result that we are aware of, based on what happened in the past, we become aware of many other possibilities, each one of them an option that will present itself as our reality unfolds, often in an illogical, non-linear, unpredictable way.

In order to work with the Shift energy we must remove ourselves from the concept of linear time and space. In non-linear space B does not always follow A; it doesn't have to. So as our reality unfolds, we can focus our intention on manifesting a certain outcome and it may happen in a completely different way than we expected. I described that process as it happened to me last summer-I wanted a vacation in France, set my intention to go and then was asked to be a tour interpreter. So I received a free trip France and earned money as well. I would never have imagined that the trip would come to me in this way (I didn't even know that it was a possibility). That is what the unfolding reality is all about, setting our intention and allowing the energy to move towards us in a non-linear fashion so that we get what we asked for, but often in ways we didn't or could not anticipate.

In order to allow that to happen we must be in a position of complete trust when we set our intention, knowing that the Universe will bring us the most perfect situation in the most perfect way. And we have to be open to accepting the new, different and unfamiliar as possibilities. There are so many options available when we open ourselves to the possibilities that exist out of our realm of experience. Are we ready to trust and to try new things? That can be scary because we are taken out of our comfort zone into unfamiliar territory. If we have past memories of unpleasant results when we try new things or step into new ways of being, our fears will challenge us when we try to accept something that is totally unfamiliar to us.

Can we allow our reality to unfold, opening ourselves up to new and different situations knowing that they are there for us because they are part of our unlimited potential? Every situation that presents itself to you is something that you want and it is different from what others ask for. As your new reality unfolds it may take different twists and turns, take you into unfamiliar territory, challenging you to think big, be brave and have the courage to follow your most secret, cherished dreams. You are up to the challenge or you would not be stepping into the Shift. So allow your new reality to unfold, knowing that the path may not be logical, but it will be perfect for you and the rewards will be amazing. All of this is possible for all of us when we walk in faith and trust, knowing that the Universe always provides perfection and we have nothing to fear.

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