We, the Arcturians, have returned again to assist you in the process of becoming ONE. Your Second Chakra also rules the comfort you get from your possessions. The first recognition of a child’s individuality is “that is mine,” as you have all heard your two-year-olds say. However, now that the individuality of “I AM” has become the unity of “WE ARE,” the possession of “I Have” will blend into the unity of “We Have.”

I Have/ We Have

As you can plainly see, the vibration of your reality is raising “at the speed of light.” Because of this, everything around you seems to be changing so fast that you can barely catch up with yourself. There are also many things that you find you can no longer tolerate. You no longer feel familial feelings with much of your “family of man,” as you no longer resonate to their life choices. You are trying to not judge them, but you feel like the 3D reality is no longer “your reality.” The 3D reality of separation and limitation, work and reward, no longer excites you and no longer gives you comfort. The external reward of “having” something is becoming less important than the internal reward of “being someone.”

The recalibration of your First and Second Chakras is creating an immense shift deep inside of you. The “regular” world still exists, but you are less emotionally charged by it. Consequently, you are less emotionally attached to the many external dramas and illusions and are deeply involved in the internal spectacle of your own transformation. Your growing detachment from the 3D reality is allowing you to gradually raise your resonance about ½ octaves above the mundane, physical reality. With this rise in resonance, you increasingly become more of an observer than a participant of the 3D Game.

With the recalibration of the first and second chakras, you have had to learn a new way of dealing with your personal relationships because your male and female polarities are more intermingled now and your gender roles scrambled. You may even feel your Divine Complement “inside you,” rather than “above you.” Your increased “inner intimacy” allows an inner TRUST so that you can be more intimate with your outer love relationships and inner circle people.

With your Soul no longer “separate” from your ego, your consciousness is expanding into higher and higher dimensions. With your new, expanded consciousness, the old tactics of “blaming others” for your problems no longer functions. Of course, your ego may try to repeat this old behavior, but it is not as satisfying as before. The 3D illusions of separation are leaving your reality, and you are realizing your role and responsibility in all your dealings. With the blending of the polarities of I/WE, after the integration of your First Chakra, you no longer believe that there is a “they” who can limit you. Hence, YOU must take full responsibility for the reality YOU have created.

With the integration of your Multidimensional Soul into your third dimensional ego, you may suffer physical symptoms of flashes of heat that arise from within your earth vessel. These heat flashes denote the resistance of your ego/self to the rise in vibration as your Soul/SELF slowly and safely takes command. Fatigue also accompanies this process of “changing the guard.” Your physical body is not accustomed to the frequency of your Soul/SELF and becomes exceedingly tired in its effort to integrate the higher frequencies. During this transition, time alone and inside yourself is vital so that your mundane consciousness can be aware of, and accept, your process of recalibration.

As you integrate your Soul into your earth vessel, it is vital that you keep the grounding cord of your recalibrated Root Chakra connected with the core of Gaia. This grounding cord allows you to assist Gaia and to accept Her assistance in return. The grounding cord also allows you to connect with the Planetary Consciousness so that you feel the support from, and camaraderie with, ALL the Planetary Ascension Team. Remember, this Team is NOT limited to humans, as ALL the inhabitants of Gaia are participating in this great moment.

The innate instincts, intuition, and Collective Consciousness of your most “primitive self,” which governs your First and Second Chakras, is being amplified as you recalibrate these chakras. Furthermore, as your first and second dimensional senses are activated by this recalibration, you are beginning to consciously perceive the foundation of the 3D Matrix. For just a second, you will see a geometrical grid where once there was only sky, ground or water. Along with that, the matrix upon which your “illusion of constancy” was maintained is beginning to degrade. Hence, things, or people, that have been the same for your entire life are beginning to shift and change.


As the polarity of “I” becomes “We,” “I Have” alters to “We Have.” Your “sense of ownership” encompasses not only what is yours but also what is OURS. With the return of your “primitive self,” you remember that Earth is a living Being, just as you are. Now that your consciousness has expanded beyond the confines of your small, physical earth vessel you feel that you are a component of that great Being. At the same time as your fingers and toes are a component of your physical being, every rock, insect, fish, plant, animal, human, elemental, faerie, deva, Angel, are components of your Being, Planet Earth.

When you shift from “I HAVE a body” to “WE HAVE” a planet your sense of Multidimensional Unity with ALL Life expands. Thus, your ability to perceive the aura of a friend, the life-force of a plant, a higher dimensional being standing beside you, the faeries in your garden, etc., also expands, as you are no longer “separate from” or “limited in” your knowing of the Reality that WE HAVE. Your expanded sense of SELF can see someone or something in the corner of your eye, which disappears when you turn your head to look straight on.

You are also learning to focus your hearing to hear the “overtones” and “undertones” of sound. Your communication with the first and second dimensional world is steadily growing to the point where sometimes you find you can listen to the “quiet,” communicate with a rock when your hold it in your hand, touch a tree or lean against it to allow it to tell its story. Trees have much to say as they have their roots deep in Mother Earth and the life force of their branches and leaves high in Father Sky.

Do you understand now why you are so tired? You are expanding a very limited consciousness to be receptive to the many different frequencies of the different dimensions all within the same “moment” of the NOW. From your third dimensional consciousness, this expanded perception is extremely taxing. However, from your “primitive” first and second multidimensional consciousness it is natural, as it affords you a constant stretching of your awareness to include Gaia and Her inhabitants. Gaia is well aware of your contribution to Planetary Consciousness, and contributes Her expanded frequency modulation to your process. The partnership has begun. You and the planet are “Becoming ONE.”

In fact, dear one, you have so immensely expanded your consciousness that it can no longer be housed in one small vessel of flesh. Your consciousness is expanding to fill the entire Earth, which is why you can perceive, and commune with, all Her creatures. However, in order to be “conscious” of these experiences, you must trust the inner “silent voice” of your new Captain, Soul, who is translating your multidimensional perceptions so that your third dimensional sensory organs can understand them.

Gradually, as each chakra is recalibrated, the organs, nerve plexus, and endocrine gland that are governed by that chakra will also be recalibrated to resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. As these inner mechanisms of your earth vessel are recalibrated, your earth vessel will begin its slow and steady transformation into the new YOU. Do not try to foresee who you will be or what you will look like, for you are not yet free of the influence of your ego/self and may want to compare yourself to, or compete with, others. Remember, again and again, Surrender ALL control of your physical body to your Soul!


Your awakened ability to commune with ALL life is breaking down the final barriers of limitation and separation that once held the illusions of the 3D matrix in place. The “solid” world around you is beginning to waver and flicker in and out. Just for a second, the second in which we are able to calibrate your consciousness to your awakening multidimensional perceptions, your reality of “I AM” blends into “WE ARE.” You then realize that “I” and “WE” are ONE. Therefore, what “I HAVE” and “WE HAVE” are ONE as well. Within that moment the polarities of “I have/value/desire” merges with “We (family, community, nation, planet, Gaia, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, All That Is) have/value/desire.”

When we, the Arcturians, first guided you through our Corridor and into the matrix of the 3D Game, you separated your consciousness from the Flow of All That Is. You wanted to experience individuality. Now, many of you feel complete with that experience and long to reconnect with the Flow.

You have “had,” “valued,” “desired” and “achieved” enough of what the third dimension has to offer, and have paid dearly for these “individual” desires and achievements. It is the feel of HOME, of Flowing with the All That Is, which calls to you now. We wish you to know that we are here again to usher you through the Arcturian Corridor. This time, however, we bring your through not as a person, but as a planet, for Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants are ascending

In preparation for this journey it is best to enter the Flow or All That Is by focusing ONLY on Unconditional Love. When you focus on fear, regret and pain, you become attuned to the third dimension, as you need to “HAVE” comfort, validation and vengeance. On the other hand, when you focus on the Unconditional Love of the Flow, there is no desire to “HAVE” as you KNOW you HAVE IT ALL.

One of the first missions of the new Captain of your earth vessel, Soul, is to embrace your suffering ego/self and give it the comfort, validation, acknowledgement, success that it has always wanted. Then your ego/self no longer needs to HAVE the money, fame and success of the 3D Game because it “HAS” its true Essence, once again.


As your ego merges with your Soul, you can easily remember that you can manifest anything you want to HAVE by focusing your thoughts and emotions through your intention. However, your ego also discovers that this manifestation only works from a state of fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness. Therefore, ego cannot desire for its “self” anything that will cause any harm, not just to anyone else, but to any “thing” else. Within unity consciousness every “thing” is a life-force, a life-stream, a universal creation of the ONE.

Some ‘things’ may wish to merge with you, such as food or water, until the Lightbody is completed and we no longer need to eat or drink. Some plants may wish you to trim off the dead parts, until parts of them no longer die. Some waters may wish to be purified until the Planetary Consciousness is strong enough to project only purity into the hologram of 3D Earth.

With the blending of the polarities of ego and Soul, ego’s “personal desire” cannot be used to harm or conflict with any other “separate” personal desire, as NOTHING and NO ONE is separate. Your Desire Body is being recalibrated to synchronize with the desires of expanded your consciousness, as well as the expanded consciousness of Gaia and her inhabitants. There are still many who have personal, individual desires. However, the fact that they hold personal, separate desires limits them to the 3D illusions in which they must “work hard” to “achieve” these desires, and closely “protect” them so that no one ELSE can “steal” them.

Within the higher vibrations, you never have to work. All you have to DO in order to ACHIEVE is to choose to calibrate your desires with your thoughts, feelings and your Soul’s intensions. Then you will instantly manifest the hologram of the reality that you choose to experience. When you are feeling completed with a particular hologram, you change your mind in order to change your reality.

Just as Source divided itself into God/Spirit and Goddess/Matter so that it could experience its SELF made manifest in the body of the Goddess, you have joined the 3DGame so that you can experience your Spirit SELF within the form of a physical body. With your expanded awareness, the illusions that once limited you to your separate, physical bodies are being released, and you are beginning to realize that you are being guided by your SELF who has ALWAYS existed in unity with All That Is.

Are you ready to return to your SELF? In reality, are you ready to allow your SELF to return to YOU? Or, do you wish to continue to live in illusion? The choice is yours to make. We, the Arcturians, support you in whatever decision you make. There are no “good” or “bad” decisions from our perspective. Another 3D planet is being prepared for those of you who are not yet compete with the 3D Game. Planetary Ascension is not a reward. It is a reality. It is your choice whether or not you wish to experience that reality.

We will return soon,

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