Awakening to Your Beauty

by Tikele

Blessings, Dear Ones, we are the Violet Council of Light, greeting you in Joyous welcome!

For You ARE the ones you have been waiting for... and for some of you, this is a difficult thing to accept as your Truth. You wish for someone to rescue you from your life's difficulties, little understanding, that we wait right along with you, until you show some sign of willingness, to design or to define, your journey. THEN, dear ones, you have all the assistance you need, or could wish for, to aid you in manifesting that which you have requested of us, in that moment.

For we in the world of Spirit, DO walk hand in hand with you, in each and every moment. You are never alone, and, at the risk of being controversial, we are indeed always present, unless we are asked not to be paying attention to you for a time. We do honour your privacy and your sensitivity, yet, in ways as yet unexplained to you, we do not separate ourselves from your awareness of who you are.

Every thought that speaks of Love; every moment when your heart is filled with Passion, we are there, in full attendance, waiting to see what you would define next, and what it is that we can do to assist you in your expression of Who You ARE in this moment of Love, of Passion, of Joyousness.

When in doubt, ask: "Higher Self/Angels/Guides, what is it that I should know?" and wait, and notice, what thought is there, in that moment, in your mind. For we will have answered you in that moment; and once more we wait to discover, the thought that you will think, to determine if what has been suggested to you, falls on fertile ground. Thus you can begin a dialogue, asking your questions, and seeking, that which comes to mind in answer.

You may choose to create a prayer, sharing with us, with the Creator Light, that which troubles you, and asking for whatever assistance you would wish to receive. Having received clarity on what it is that you desire to create in your world, place yourself within the experience of RECEIVING that which you have defined so beautifully to us. THAT is the energy that Co-Creates from Love, bringing into manifestation, that which you have asked for in your prayer process.

Dear ones, who you ARE, is a magnificent Creator, unlimited in your potential, in each and every moment.

If this statement provokes the energy of frustration or anger within you, it is a sign to you, that you are not yet ready to relinquish the perception that others are more capable than you, and that you have little ability to manifest what you desire.

How do we show you that you ARE, that what we tell you is Truth? We show you, in countless ways, that you are not alone: we appear to you as sparks of Light, that you may choose to acknowledge, or not. We bring others to you, who may be of assistance; and we show you those who are not in harmony with your desires. This we do in Love... for we do not wish to see you wasting much energy on paths that lead to less fulfilling outcomes. We guide you to those paths that offer the greatest of potentials, that fulfil that which you have asked for.

If at times, the path seems too rocky, the ones out of harmony too numerous around you, then look to your energy, dear ones, for you have become part of the matrix, the overmastermind, the mass consciousness, by whichever name you choose to call it. We ask you, in that moment of recognition, that your thoughts and your emotions have become mired in the matrix, to allow yourself to stop, to breathe, deeply, consciously, and allow yourself the moment of connection into your Higher Self energy. Ask, in that moment of deep connection with your Higher Self, for it is there, without any doubt whatsoever: ask, that you receive the healing Light of Love, into each part of your Being, that you might find your way into the Light of understanding yourself as capable once more. And not only capable, but creative, inventive, and easily able to navigate whatever the current difficulties might be, by aligning yourself strongly into the energy of Love. And breathe... and breathe... and breathe some more!

For the conscious breath, the breath breathed with awareness of the body, creates a loop in your circuitry, so to speak. It sets up a moment in time, when all else is suspended, and you are free to allow your awareness to take a different path, than the one it was on a moment before. You may choose to add consciously to the energy of this breath, by imagining the entry of golden Light particles, entering your crown chakra, as you breathe in, allowing them to move freely all through the body, filling your auric field with Light. This is known as prana breathing. It is the basis for many Eastern traditions of meditation and connection to the world of Spirit, and is also often described by Master Kirael in this form. In Truth, it is there automatically, when you take a moment to breathe consciously, all the way into your belly. For it is there, that the energy ignites to another level, with great benefit to every part of your energy field.

In the Human world, so many have lost their awareness of the power of breath, to transform their energy pattern to a more pleasing level. This simple practice alleviates the effects of depression, anger, guilt, and other destructive emotional energies. Try it, and you will quickly see its many gifts for you.

To connect fully into your Higher Self energy, is to accept the Self as Beautiful: for indeed, You ARE, so very Beautiful. Every part of your experiencing, on multiple levels of thought focus, is a part of your journey now. Your radiance shines so brightly now, yes, even those of you, who feel yourself to be so unworthy.

Know, that the difficulties you have been experiencing, are there to be transcended now - to be released, as you allow yourself to completely and utterly accept your own inner Beauty. For indeed, You ARE Beautiful... both inwardly, AND outwardly. Not a one of you, has chosen badly in the form of your body or its processes. It was designed, very particularly, for the journey that you wished to undertake - what it is, that you offered to experience for your Higher Self energy pattern. There is so much choice in all of this, prior to your arrival on the Earth plane, and even more, on your arrival and in times following, no matter how it may have seemed to you then.

For the world of lack and limitation is an illusion... you have the power, to co-create whatever you would, in your journey now, as you rush to complete the lesson plans you wish to have in completion. For the world is shifting, and you along with it, and never before, has there been so much opportunity to consciously co-create your world, with the energy of your entourage, your Higher Self, in full attendance and support of your wishes.

It is a time of great energy, to be played in, to be experienced, to be EnJoyed, to the hilt. Perhaps you can choose to see your current issues in the form of a story, happening to others. Allow yourself to see other possibilities, for how it could be played out, leaving aside the one your mind continues to return to, that is already known to you, at this moment. Hand that one into the loving care of your Angels and Guides, and return to co-creating other possibilities. There are many... and as you open your awareness to the Love and assistance of your Higher Self and entourage, you will find yourself surprised, at the simplicity of some of these possibilities.

Always, is Spirit seeking the most effective and harmonious outcome for all concerned, in the highest Light of Love itself - for in this seeking, the manifestation of the Creator's Love for you is there for you now. As you choose to express your Love, your Light, without censoring, or hiding, its brilliance, you will find that your path broadens into a highway, a river of Light, that has you riding its flow to bring forth that which you would create with us, at this wonderful time to be incarnate on the planet. Let this be your guide, in coming days, weeks, and months, and you will find, that the world conforms itself to more of how you would wish it to be - that is our promise!

We ARE the Violet Council of Light, of which Tikele is a part, and we offer you this thought in closing. Choose to hold yourself in the Love of your Higher Self, releasing all constriction of your energy flows into a more expansive state, and allow yourself to take on that identity as your own. Understand, that this does not necessarily mean that you instantly take on all of the powers and abilities of the fuller awareness of the Higher Self, but that in choosing to open your Light to your Higher Self fully, you have opened the door to your gifts emerging into your awareness. More of that fuller awareness, can become a part of your journey: this is a great gift, that you give yourself now. And each time you gaze upon your physical body with Love; that you honour and be willing to express your emotions; admire your mind for its agility and acuity, and open yourself to the Love of the spiritual part of you, you are melding the four bodies into one.

This is the path to Love; to Peace; to the New Earth, manifested on the Earth plane, if that is your choosing. The jury, so to speak, is still out, on how the New Earth is to be manifested... dream your dreams, intend to co-create them in your life, bring them to life in your Passion of experiencing them in your imagination, and SO IT IS.

We hold you always, in the Love of the Creator Light, the Beauty of the Christ Consciousness, and the Creation energy of the Goddess Light.

Go in Love; Be in Peace, and EnJoy what Life has to offer - for Beauty is everywhere to be found, outside of the matrix energy.

We Love you so: Blessings always.

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