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Messages from The Council of 12

Finding the Sacred during Turmoil

Transmitted through Selacia

Sometimes life gets so rocky that even the most experienced light worker can feel disoriented and confused about what to do next. The known path forward may turn into a fork with two or three directions. The path may even appear to be leading to a dead end with no other options in sight. It's clear at that point that there is no going back, yet the path ahead seems an unsolvable mystery. When a course correction is indicated, there are often no "directions" about how to approach it or how to move in a forward direction. Quite often, the only known factor is a realization that things cannot continue as they are.

When you experience rocky times such as these, remember to let go and step back, allowing for some space between you and the situation. The place you inhabit with your energy can be experienced as sacred regardless of where you might find yourself.

Sacredness is anywhere you are, for you are Divine. You can discover the sacred and live it regardless of where you are and your circumstances. Do not wait for a particular time to connect with the sacredness of life. Invite in the quality of sacredness, whether you are happy or distressed. Return frequently to your heart and to your own Divine wisdom so that you can become practiced in connecting to a sense of stability and sacredness. Doing that frequently when you feel calm will help you to access the same state when you feel unbalanced. Ask for the intervention of spirit to help you see past confusion and into the truth. Do this when you're feeling blocked in moving forward, confused about where to go next, or simply bored with how things are.

This cycle of human history will involve unprecedented amounts of change and chaos. Everyone incarnated in human form will be impacted in some way. Previous generations did not contend with this amount of upheaval in a single lifetime. People often are conditioned to believe that if they work hard and live a good life they will experience smooth sailing. Old notions about everything from relationships and work to health and aging now must be challenged. Belief systems from earlier generations have been passed down in the DNA, and many of them have no validity or application in a world that is shifting into a brand new paradigm.

To access and remain connected to the sacred during these pivotal times of change is certainly a challenge. It can be done, however, and if you are reading these words, you have come to Earth now to do just that. As you take on this challenge, you are being given an abundance of assistance from the world of spirit. You are being helped, not because you are weak, but because you are strong and it is a team effort. As you hold more and more light within yourself, your natural strength shines forth and there are no limits to what you can create.

A Checklist to Stay Sane

The following are some guidelines that will help you to stay sane regardless of how crazy everything around you becomes.

First, remember to step back from any stressful situation long enough to breathe, go into your heart and reassess it from the perspective of your intuitively guided reason. Even if you're in an emergency situation, you can still stop the panic for a few seconds and connect with spirit's wisdom. In fact, in emergency situations, it's essential that you do this. Otherwise, you may go into fear and separate yourself from the intuitive guidance you need to navigate successfully.

Second, resist the temptation to make people or situations so important. Whatever a person in your life is doing or not doing is rarely a matter of life or death. Tell yourself that nothing is that important. Refuse to take things so seriously. Ask for Divine guidance to show you the truth of all circumstances and to give you clarity about people and events. Ask to see the lighter side of situations, and for humor and laughter to be a part of each day. Make it a habit to notice things that make you smile. You can't smile and be in panic mode at the same time!

Third, remember that when you are under stress, it's important to slow down. Your body will need more sleep and more relaxation time to compensate for your stress. Your mind will function with more clarity when you cross a few things off the "to do" list and declare a "time out" to reflect on what's truly important. When you do this, it's not wasted time. It's very useful time. You will discover that your added reflection time allows you to receive from spirit a knowing about how to more appropriately respond to whatever dilemma you face. You open yourself to receiving this by slowing down. Having more quiet time gives you space, and with that space you can notice spirit moving in the happenstance of your life. The Divine, in response to your prayers and intentions, will "speak" to you in countless ways, giving you a clear picture to replace the foggy one you had before.

Fourth, consider that there is a brand new way to approach aging. You live in a time when discoveries are being made daily about the aging process, the real causes of disease, and the potential for the longest lifespan humanity has known in modern history. If you have elderly parents or grandparents, some of the current scientific discoveries may sound like science fiction to their generation. Keep in mind that many amazing inventions and scientific discoveries of humanity's past sounded crazy when first unveiled. "Experts" and the media often labeled as impossible many inventions that were later proven to be quite workable. Examples include machines that can fly (airplanes) and electrical speech machines (telephones) . In today's laboratories, scientists have identified specific genes within human DNA that are responsible for longevity. Researchers have also concluded that people carry within their DNA ancestral belief systems that can impact their experience of aging and growing older. These discoveries open up a whole new way to look at the human body, how it ages, and what can be done to live healthier and longer. While all of this has great potential during these times of a growing senior citizen population, it remains the task of each person to address and clear DNA-level patterns that have been inherited. These limiting patterns include belief systems from ancestors who believed growing old necessarily involved things like pain, loss, aloneness, and dependence.

Fifth, be open to the new and the undiscovered. Set your intention to consider a wider range of options than you've ever dreamed of before! Creativity occurs when you travel into new territory with an open mindset and a willingness to do things a different way. The way that you feel guided to travel may look quite different from the road people around you are traveling on. In fact, if you find that "your way" begins to look too much like that of the mainstream consciousness, consider that adjustments may need to be made. You haven't incarnated at this time in history to sit comfortably in the old paradigm ways. You aren't here to run away from the chaos, either. You are here to make waves that will break open new vistas as they meet the shore. To see what this means for you personally, take a few moments right now and invite your heart's wisdom to speak to you when contemplating the following example.

Example of the New

Think of the Earth as a huge spaceship on a voyage through space. You are one of the crew. When you started your voyage, there were lots of rules in place, made up by people who had learned some very old fashioned ways of navigation and travel. Their conditioning led them to see life and possibilities in very limited ways. One example is the hierarchy you see on the ship. A majority of those navigating the ship are fascinated by ego-based power. Their attraction to this archaic method of relating is connected to past conditioning involving control. Most of those on board the ship have no idea that they chose to take part in the voyage, or that they can change direction in mid course. They are simply along for the ride, wanting to make it the best trip possible.

At some point on the voyage, you woke up to the nonsense you saw and realized that there was actually a purpose to it all. You could see that there was a Divine purpose for each person on the spaceship, too. Your heart told you that everyone there was connected and that the group would need to work in unity to steer the ship in the most favorable direction. Over time, you began connecting with others on board who also started remembering their Divine heritage.

In recent times, as this ship speeds through space, you have become aware of potential threats to a successful mission. The climate on board has become unstable, and no one can agree about what to do. Supplies of key resources, including food and water, are uncertain. Fights among those on board are a regular occurrence, as people can't seem to agree with one another. Every day there is some kind of craziness or fear-based energy to contend with. Growing numbers of people on board are restless, dissatisfied, afraid, and downright angry. You notice that most people will believe anything an outside authority figure tells them is true. That includes what they hear on the news channels and from the ship captains.

You sense that the ship soon will pass through another magnificent window of energy with great potential to transform consciousness. There have been a number of these "windows" so far. You are enthusiastic about this, focusing your intent and energy to help accelerate the positive changes. You know that each person on board has a role to play, and you are determined to play your role regardless of what others do.

You have an inner confidence that the shift you seek is not only possible, but attainable. You have that confidence because of an intimate relationship you have developed with spirit. You have learned to step back from the chaos, go into your heart and discover the truth of each situation as it unfolds. This gives you great peace.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Dearest friends-To age in our society is often looked upon as negative, and many view growing older as a painful process involving having and being "less," and losses of all kinds. It doesn't have to be this way! Aging is just one of the topics The Council of 12 addresses in this month's article. In my healing work with people, I've seen that we can shift our experience of growing older and aging. We can slow or even reverse the aging process that the traditional paradigm says we must accept as inevitable. How do we do this? We do it by working at the DNA cellular level, repatterning our genetic structure and shifting our limiting patterns, many of which we inherited from our ancestors. What we find when we do this is that we can change our experience of aging, and as part of that, we can help change the paradigm for our children and humanity around us. If you would like to know more about what this involves, I am offering a free July 14 seminar on this topic. If you can't come in person, but are interested in either a teleclass or a free brief telephone consult with me to discuss my method of addressing aging with DNA healing, simply email me or call 310.915.2884.

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