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Using the New Energies

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This past month, as the pace of life has quickened, you may have contemplated how you can become more empowered in these times of uncertainty and intense energetic shifting. It's normal to feel overwhelmed and out of control when so much is happening, so many decisions are required and so little time seems to be available.

How can you work with the new energies in ways that move your evolution forward? To answer this question, consider what it means to be empowered in the new paradigm.


First, remember that true empowerment is based on spiritual power, not worldly force. Spiritual power, the birthright of every human, comes to life when you walk with spirit and allow Spirit to guide your life. This true source of power-your connection with the divine-is found within. No one outside of you can give it to you. Think of it as divine power, a natural resource that is available to you by opening to it and working with it. It's not about pushing and making things happen; it's about allowing and receiving Spirit's input about the optimal course of action. Likewise, it's not about needing to win and control others. That is the old paradigm, which is now outmoded and in the process of falling away. Spiritual power is about being present and focused, and learning to pay attention to the subtle messages found in life's synchronicities. To awaken to Spirit in your life in very tangible ways is the key to taking actions that lead to genuine empowerment.

Second, true empowerment cannot exist simultaneously with ego-based comparisons. Let go of them. Know that it is futile to habitually compare your progress to the progress of others. Each person's path to enlightenment is unique. If you are comparing yourself to another person, you should keep in mind that you don't know everything about the other person. Appearances can be very deceiving! You should suspend judgment until you are more enlightened and have the bigger view. When you have that level of awareness, you will see yourself and others from a very different perspective. At this stage of your path, it's more useful to focus on your own evolution and discover how you can progress in positive ways.

Third, allow for the divine timing in all things. To operate from this viewpoint means to be patient about change. This relates to the new wonderful things that you want in your life and the painful situations that you would like to end. Perhaps you would like a new romantic relationship, for example. When you embody genuine power, you live your life knowing that you are complete-with or without a partner. You get to this place of power by doing the inner spiritual work involved in developing self-love. There are no shortcuts, and no one else can give you selflove. Once you have developed this inner confidence, you will naturally radiate a glow of self-acceptance. If your "new love" encounters this beaming energy and you have allowed Spirit to orchestrate the timing, the magnetic effect can be profound!

Likewise, let's say that you have been in therapy and have done substantial healing from wounds suffered in an old relationship from ten years ago, and you simply want that chapter closed so that you can move on to a new partner. Wanting this and consciously working toward this is one thing; demanding that the healing be completed now, just because your ego insists on it, is something else. To be in your power means accepting where you are in each moment, even if it does not match where you think you should be.

Fourth, regardless of where you are in life and what goals you have achieved, there might still be nagging questions regarding whether you are doing enough or whether you are carrying out what you incarnated on Earth to do. There are a number of ways to look at these kinds of questions. One way is to see that a person traveling a conscious spiritual path this lifetime was predestined to have one or more significant wakeup calls from spirit. The purpose of these-contrary to how they might feel as they are occurring-is to softly nudge the person onto the path and help guide course corrections along the way. "Softly" is the key word here, for Spirit operates in subtle ways. There is a tendency, especially in earlier stages of awakening, for the person to be confused by the wake-up calls, feeling himself or herself to be the victim of bad luck or painful circumstance. It's common to blame others or the life event itself, and to go into fighting mode. Judging something as wrong or bad doesn't make it disappear. A more useful way to work with these wake up calls is to allow them to teach you about yourself and the human condition. Sometimes the nudge is intended simply to show you that you are out of balance or that you need to pay more attention to something.

If something in your life has diverted you from the path of your highest good, then allow Spirit to show you how you got off course. Invite Spirit to open you to realization, healing, self-love and other tools you will need for self-correction. Give Spirit permission to help you disarm the booby traps that you find on your path. You can give permission in this way. To demand is futile, however-it is the energy of the old paradigm. The new way-fueled by Spirit and lived in partnership with the divine-is about cooperation and acceptance. For example, perhaps you feel ready to take the next step on your spiritual mission, so you ask spirit to show you "the plan" and its overall purpose. Do not be surprised if this question leads you to a dead end. If you did receive an entire plan of some sort, realize that it is only one probability of many based on numerous actions taken one by one in current time. More likely, Spirit will reveal pieces of your plan in a sequence of appropriate divine timings. Spiritual maturity involves learning to trust in what you cannot see, and discovering that a life fueled by spirit will naturally lead you where you need to go. A spiritually mature person does not insist on having instant answers to all questions, and realizes that it is futile to demand a guarantee of how things will turn out.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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