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Location & Your Sacret Place

Transmitted through Selacia * June 2007

Location & Your Sacret Place

From ancient times, humans have learned to migrate to other places, oftentimes very far from their homes and native land. It was a common survival tool, put in motion to flee from invaders or when food was scarce. Migration was also often born out of greed, with people seeking wealth or power by conquering a new land. Sometimes people simply left their familiar territory because of a passionate sense of adventure.

Your ancestors experienced the world as a vast place. Much of it was unexplored. They enjoyed a feeling of open space. The native indigenous peoples remembered their connection with the natural world. They passed on to their children a respect of the elements, from which arise all forces of existence. These aboriginal people knew how to relate to the sacred, for they saw the sacred in everything, including their own bodies. It was easy for them to find the sacred in everyday things and experiences.

For other groups of people, though, a different path was taken. They forgot their relationship with the sacred. Over time, they looked increasingly outside of themselves for answers, and they sought external power. They became ignorant that their natural Divine power and "home base" was readily accessible inside themselves. Many were enticed by the possibility of reinventing themselves in faraway lands. The glamour of having something new was very appealing.

With each generation, a growing sense of separateness from the sacred was accompanied by an innate longing to be "at one" again. Neither response was on peoples' conscious radar, yet it operated nonetheless. When these people encountered obstacles and hardships, the tendency was to fight or flee. This set in motion an energetic cycle in which even more hardships were magnetized.

To succeed, it seemed, people had to struggle and work very hard. They were taught that they had to compete with and conquer one another in order to "win." They learned to compare themselves with everyone they came into contact with, friend or foe. Aggression was taught to each generation until it became embedded in human DNA as a typical response. The aggressive competitive approach was born out of ignorance. It resulted from a false sense of separation and fears that there would never be enough to go around. Your personal experience of life on Earth would be markedly different too. Why? You inherited, in your DNA, the belief systems and worldviews of your ancestors of long ago. You never met the members of your family's ancient lineage, but your DNA carries their energy. Held deep within your subconscious, away from ordinary view, the very old patterns of aggression continue to play out in your modern day life.

At some point in this life you woke up to the idea that you are here to shift the balance back to light. You are doing this for yourself, and also for your planet. Your own life is a constant barometer of where the balance of light is within you, showing you the layers of falseness not yet cleared.

This may seem unsolvable at times. You may sometimes feel like a victim, or be angry at the faceless sea of humanity that has lived in ignorance for so many generations. You may wonder how you can counter such a load of energetic negativity housed within your own DNA.

You may question whether you can change, and whether there is time. You may doubt your own power, and your ability to help create the most amazing transition your Earth has ever seen. Y

ou may wonder if you have what it takes to be an integral part of the shift in consciousness. You may seriously question whether it is possible to birth a new kind of world that is peacefully cooperative.

Know That Everything Can Change

Be willing to trust, right now, that there are solutions for each of these dilemmas, and that you have a key role to play. Know that everything can change. Trust that you can change. You must believe this for the change to happen.

As you consider whether you can believe this, keep in mind the following. Your DNA is a kind of record keeper of who you are and what you believe on all levels. Like a personal akashic record, it stores energetic imprints of your past, present and future. These imprints include negative belief systems as well as encodements reminding you of your natural Divine state. This means that once you clear the false beliefs and patterns that are not a part of your true essence, the core you are left with is Divine!

To speed your journey "home," it can be helpful to acknowledge daily that you are a Divine being. Remind yourself that you are connected to the Divine universal flow of energy, and that you can create any reality you choose. Remember that the limitations and separation you feel are a fabrication of limited human conditioning. Reflect at least once each day on the idea of the sacredness of your own body, of your life force, of all sentient beings inhabiting the Earth, and of the life experience itself.

When you face obstacles, avoid the temptation to resist them and to weave a story around them. These strategies are not only useless, but they waste precious time. Instead, face your obstacles head on, doing the inner transformational work required to clear discordant energies. The more space you can clear within yourself in this way, the more light you will be able to house.

A Restructuring of Your DNA

As your physical body holds more light, the restructuring of your DNA will be accelerated, and you will be able to broadcast higher frequency energies into your world. This is the catalyst for the bigger changes you seek on a planetary level.

Be willing to make a commitment to your own spiritual path, and make regular recommitments to keep this energy alive within you. If you begin to lose interest in your journey, you will lose momentum.

To successfully navigate the pathless path ahead, it is essential to develop and deepen your skills of intuitive awareness. Without these skills firmly integrated into all aspects of your life, each crossroads or unfamiliar turn in the path can lead to fear-based responses. Fear colors your view, hindering your ability to choose wisely. When you are in fear, you can become immobilized just when you need to act. Your reality may seem to become fuzzy and chaotic, and if you move into panic mode, your higher guidance may seem out of reach.

Everyone around you is moving through transitions of one sort or another. This is true even for those who seem to be asleep. The more advanced light workers often experience the energetic shifting at an accelerated pace. One reason for this is that increased awareness tends to go hand in hand with an amplified ability to sense energy. Some people find that they become so sensitive to vibrational shifts that they feel earth changes occurring half way around the globe.

Likewise, as consciousness expands and a person's heart opens more fully, the emotions and cellular impact can be intense. To be so sensitive can take its toll on the physical body, even for the hardiest of people. Headaches and flu like symptoms are not uncommon. If you can think of it as a massive restructuring on a deep cellular level, and appropriately take care of yourself, the energetic "fallout" will be lessened. Of course, use common sense and your intuitively guided reason to indicate times you may need medical attention.

Rethinking Where You Live & How You Live

There is now a great migration of humanity. People in all corners of the world are moving from city to city, and sometimes to different countries. You may not be one of the ones moving to another city, but you are impacted by those who have moved to where you live. You are also impacted by those who move away, such as family and other loved ones.

Sometimes the change in location is fueled by a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina or a tornado that wipes out most of a rural town. Migration is also occurring in response to war and changes in political rule. In recent times, millions of refugees have fled oppression, often displaced by war or forced from their native lands by political tyranny.

If you think you are not personally impacted by the refugees of Africa or Iraq or Tibet, think again. It is now common knowledge that the planet and all of its inhabitants are intrinsically connected. Even at a DNA level, people are more alike than they are different. Viewed from space, the Earth is a single planet in the sky, with an interdependent supply of resources and an intricate network of energy. What happens in one place has a ripple effect in many other places.

People today are much more aware of this natural interconnectedness. Since the Earth is now in a cleansing mode as part of the birthing of a new consciousness, Earth changes of the next few years will prompt many people to move from where they are now. This includes those who can't now imagine they could live anywhere else.

If you begin to have a strong feeling about moving to another city, state or country, how can you approach this sanely? How can you go about it in ways that support your path of soul?

Guidelines for Relocating

(1) If you feel that another location would be more suitable than your current home, and you think that you are clear about which specific location is best, check in with your heart and intuitively guided reason and ask questions such as:

How does this location better serve my path of soul?
What are factors I may have neglected to consider, yet which are important?
What role does fear play in the move to this place?
What needs completing where I am before moving there?
What needs researching and putting into motion now related to the new place?
What is the best timing for the move?
Is the move best approached in stages, and if so, what are they?
How long before I will be ready to relocate and what factors determine this?
What can I do to speed up my readiness to move?
Who do I know now, or can come into my life, to help with the move?

What people or factors in my current life could delay the move?
What will I miss most when I leave my current town?
Who (other people/pets) and what (belongings) do I take with me to the new place?
Am I meant to maintain any "base" in the location where I live now; if so, what?
Who do I know in the new place?
How can I grow spiritually there, continuing my service as a light worker?
What are my opportunities there to connect with like minded people?
What opportunities will I have there to continue learning?
Considering my current interests and daily activities, how can I continue them there?
If circumstances warrant a rethinking of my choice, may I be given clear signs?

(2) If you are unclear about the specific city of your relocation, refer to the questions above and ask them about locations that you would likely consider. Remember to listen to your heart at all times. Consider factors such as lifestyle, weather, finances, work, health, and your spiritual path. If you are deciding between two cities, for example, you may want to ask questions about each one to determine which place may be more in alignment with where you want to be headed. One question to ask could be: "how would living in X city allow me to open up more to spirit than living in Y city?" Know that each town has a personality and an energy all its own. Look into what these are for each place to see how the location may be harmonious with your own energy. Research, also, latest projections available about the place (including weather patterns, water supplies, energy costs, population growth, cost of living, demographics, traffic, accessibility, politics, freedoms, and sense of community).

Guidelines for Rethinking How You Live

No matter where you live, it is essential to continue your spiritual growth and to make this a priority. To live as soul in a human body during these times is the answer for living peacefully in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. This way of being is natural and available to anyone. It is your Divine birthright. To access it, you must align your human personality with your soul.

Fears and fear-based thinking must be brought into your conscious awareness. Belief systems that keep you bound to cycles of pain must be cleared at a cellular level. The limiting patterns you hold within you are like yesterday's newspaper - old news. They are not relevant today, yet they influence your responses to people and life situations. These limiting energies cannot continue to be a part of your DNA, or you will be blocked from your wholeness and full soul expression. You will feel and be freer with each layer of falseness that you clear.

To feel more peaceful about where you live, it can be helpful to make a point of feeling gratitude for something in your environment each day. How about the sunshine if you are blessed with pleasant weather? What about the brightly colored red rosebush you see each day you come in and out your front door? And don't forget the park where you love to walk your dog just before sunset.

Even if you plan on moving to another city at some time in the future, you will want to fully utilize all of the gifts of where you are now, for as long as you are there. There is a human tendency to discount the positives of a situation when one is focused on the negative. In the modern society of disposable products and short-lived relationships, people have learned to be dissatisfied with what they have as soon as they learn something "better" is available. This goes for places as well as products and relationships. You can always find people who are leaving your city and people who will tell you that other cities are safer or better in some other way. Use your own discernment.

If you hate your city and can find nothing of redemption there, you will sabotage yourself with a downward spiral of energy. This negative energy not only will keep you locked into the hate, but it will draw more situations for you to hate. You will then take this negativity with you as you settle into a new city. No one in their right mind would want to pack a poison in their moving van and drink it when settled in a new locale. However, you take your conditioned mind with its limiting belief systems everywhere you travel. This means you take along any poison you haven't discarded before your move.

Therefore, if you realize you have feelings such as anger or blame when you think of where you live now, be willing to investigate the sources of those responses. Perhaps your unresolved dislike of your city has something to do with personal experiences you associate with that place. Examples could be divorce, unemployment, or another challenging crossroads. If you can separate the happenstance from the location where it happened, you can begin to see the big picture more clearly. No place is all bad or all good. These are judgments. Know that your experience of any place is a direct reflection of the inner state of your consciousness. When you change your consciousness, all else around you changes.

When the Road Gets Rocky

For help in staying centered when the road gets rocky, consider the following.

First, surround yourself with things and people reminding you of the sacred. This can include visual and auditory reminders of spirit in your life. Get creative with this and make it fun.

Visual reminders can be a colorful altar, a candle, a crystal having meaning to you, or flowers. Auditory reminders can include music that feels sacred to you and sounds that help you connect with a peaceful state. Spend time with people who are positive and who help you connect with your own goodness. If you feel that there are not now enough people like this in your life, focus your intent and prayers on manifesting additional companions. Then pay attention to who shows up in your life, and make an effort to develop and sustain meaningful and reciprocal relationships.

Second, become more mindful of what you take in with your senses. What you see and hear is registered at very subtle levels. People have a tendency to believe they cannot be harmed by the common daily dose of TV and other media. This is a false idea. The world's messages are often panic-oriented and can trigger your own personal fears of doom and gloom. These messages come to you in very ordinary ways, sometimes directly when you see or hear them in real time and other times delivered by others who repeat the day's headlines. Set your intention to be as awake as possible as you take in such messages. Get into the habit of being your own censor of what you will and will not focus on. Avoid mainstream news, especially with visuals, just before sleep. Ahead of sleep, learn to clear your mind of outside influences, worries and thoughts. Invite your higher wisdom to guide you into a peaceful sleep, asking to awaken easily and with greater clarity and peace about the issues of your life.

Third, if you are impacted directly or indirectly by a disaster, remember that your role as a light worker is to take the "high road." A direct impact could be a fire in your backyard or a hurricane destroying your home. An indirect impact could be anything from an earthquake in the city where your family lives, to your intuitive sense that you may personally be affected by a disaster in the not too distant future.

Either way, remember to take that "high road." This is the road of spirit and it is the only road that will get you to the other side of the crisis sanely. Know that you have an ability to do this, even if it appears to be a very grave situation. If you can step back from the situation frequently and go into your heart, you can reach a place of sanity. From that place, you can intuitively know what to do. You can be guided about what to say to others, and when to be silent. You can be shown the appropriate responses that come from love and compassion rather than fear and panic. You can be the wayshower for others who in that moment do not have your wisdom and courage. When you access this kind of wisdom, you will find stability.

The energy of this stability will then automatically broadcast out from you in a way that helps others. This is how you can help.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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