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Guidelines for Sane Change

Transmitted through Selacia

Change is in the air. People around the world desire change in their circumstances. If the winter has been harsh, there's a natural longing for springtime and warmer weather. For those in the midst of a personal or family crisis or struggle, there may be feelings of exhaustion, despair, or impatience about changing the state of affairs. For others, perhaps at a crossroads with career or relationship issues, a sense of fear and foreboding may have developed in recent weeks.

It's common knowledge that change is one thing you can be sure to experience in life, even when you're not expecting or wanting it. One example is the weather. If you live in a climate with four seasons, chances are that you have a favorite season and that you dislike at least one other time of year when the weather changes. The weather also can do some quite unexpected things. It can rain heavily on a day meteorologists predicted sunshine. Also, these days with the shifting in global weather patterns, increasingly numerous out-of-the-ordinary conditions are the norm.

On a personal level, when you feel that your life has become difficult and painful, you naturally want to find ways to move back into ease and joy. In this case, you WANT to see change. In fact, altering your circumstances may have become so important to you that it's now your overriding concern. Thinking about it may keep you up at night. You may find it difficult to fall asleep because of worry, or you may awaken in a fearful or agitated state.

At times, you may even find yourself obsessing about the need for a solution. Other activities, even things you typically like to do, may take a backseat while your mind races in circles about the dilemma. When this happens, your intuitively guided reason becomes hard to access. When you make choices in this state, or take actions that ignore your Divine wisdom, you suffer. The positive change you seek is then illusive. Even more problematic, depending on your choices and actions, your goal may now be even farther from reach. Does this sound familiar?

To be sure, it's not helpful to demand or try to force change. It's also counterproductive to worry and obsess about undesirable situations. Universal laws can be unknowingly ignored, yet they continue to operate. For example, it's nonsensical to insist that a change must happen before Divine timing is in place. Likewise, to take an action thought to lead to positive change without honoring others is a recipe for more suffering in the future. The law of cause and effect may take a short or long time to have an impact, but it has an energy that will play out.

Becoming Sane About Change

How can a person become sane about change? First, set your intention to treat yourself more gently and lovingly. Discard self judgment and impatience with yourself. Resolve to be your own best friend, providing the same support and encouragement you would offer to a beloved friend in need. Remember that there's nothing wrong with you. You may be living with something you don't want, or want something you don't have, but this doesn't alter your natural essence. Your natural state, usually hidden under layers of false humanness, is Divine perfection. It doesn't need to be constructed, rebuilt or made bigger. It is unaffected by the duality of your human life. That Divine part of you is whole and complete. It is eternal and changeless, untouched by any negative experiences you could ever have as a human being. Ask spirit to give you regular reminders of this truth. Request that spirit bring you realization, and build within you a tangible connection with your own innate wholeness. Set your intention to come from your heart rather than from your conditioned self. Pray that you receive Divine grace to help you remove obstacles to living a soul-filled life. Ask for assistance in learning to respond to change in a sane way. If you sense that you have gotten off balance, ask for guidance to get back on track.

Second, if your dilemma involves another person, remember to view this person as a symbol of a particular lesson you are learning. It's not helpful to blame that person for being the way they are, to complain about them to others, or to fool yourself into believing that they are the cause of your pain. The normal tendency is to view others as the problem. The same goes for circumstances in your life. The ordinary world teaches you to see places and things in your outer environment as the seeds of your suffering. It could be a stressful job, a city that feels unfriendly, or noisy neighbors upstairs. Whether it's a person or situation, ask yourself what is being triggered within you that causes your feelings of discontent and disempowerment. Consider the ways this person or situation mirrors an earlier experience you have had. Contemplate who or what are you giving your power away to, and why. Ask yourself how you are allowing these influences to prevent you from being sane about change.

Third, remember to include spirit in the equation. To live in one's Divine power necessitates a joining of your human self with spirit. To master this involves a commitment to developing a continuous tangible bond with the Divine. When you learn to do this fully, you will feel spirit-based power operating in everyday situations. The key here is to remain in your Divine power even when involved with troublesome people and challenging circumstances. You will then access the unlimited potential that spirit-based power provides. This may sound simple and obvious. However, human life is full of so many distractions and illusions that even the most spiritually advanced people can be derailed. A part of being sane is to acknowledge this phenomenon and remain awake enough to observe your derailment and lovingly move yourself back on course.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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