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How to Raise the Vibration of your Energybody Beyond the Field of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity for your Your Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit's Divine Union

by Qala Serenia Phoenix

Each one of you incarnated to discover this union and to carry one puzzle piece of the divine plan to Earth. Your soul's fulfillment manifests as you gift this to the collective field of humanity and the Earth. This can only take place through your own soul growth, and evolution in co-creation with the union of your soul, mind, body and spirit. Balancing the 4 primary forces (mind, soul, body and spirit)  of your life is essential to activating your puzzle piece, the growth of your genuine intelligence and your soul's fulfillment in this life. This is primary in your life, and although ultimately each one of you have your own path of mastery to co-create this balance , the balancing of these primary 4 forces needs to truly become integrated within your lifestyle if you are to experience your God Presence embodiment in this life.

All of the Family of Light offer their blessings to you and share that through this email, you are offered waves of assistance in support of your body, mind, soul and spirit's divine union. As you read through this material, a large group of Emissaries offer to support your mind, body, soul and spirit to open a little more to the divine consciousness of your God Presence, that which is known as your “God stream”. Ask your God Presence to merge with you as you read so the transformation may  begin to take place energetically as your consciousness opens to that which is to be shared. Through the following simple and practical keys, I wish to support each of you through offering you understandings on how you each may raise your vibration and consciousness and open the divine current within your heart to assist the flow of your everyday life experience, to allow God into your life.

It is the raising of your energy field that allows your consciousness to raise in vibration to a higher frequency than the collective consciousness field of humanity, beloveds. Presently the “collective field of humanity's experiences, thoughts, feelings and actions” effects all humans who do not have an energy field of a higher frequency than the collective consciousness energy field. If you have a higher vibrational field than the collective, it is your energy field that effects the collective field. In other words beloveds, if you are of an awakened or advanced consciousness, you may not be able to experience your life in direct reflection of the consciousness you express, if your energy egg (energy body) and chakras are not holding a vibrational resonance higher than humanity's collective field. This through the law of physics creates struggle for many on Earth who have incarnated to not only experience moving beyond duality through the experience of unconditional love but also have chosen to serve humanity and Mother Earth and effect or raise the vibration of humanity's collective energy field with their divine love, consciousness and mastery.

The key to being able to fulfil one's path and fulfil one's embodiment of divine love is to raise one's consciousness beyond the collective field and raise one's vibratory bodies level to a higher frequency than the collective's energy field. In this way, one is not effected by the collective on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, and if one makes all decisions and actions from the heart with love as opposed to making them from the mind based on fear, one will also be uneffected on a physical level by the collective consciousness of humanity.

The Seven Steps to Raising One's Vibration & Consciousness
  1. The first step is to raise the vibration of your seven primary chakras through cleansing them regularly (daily) with the violet flame and dedicating your consciousness to the path of the open heart no matter what challenges or karma arises on your path.

  2. The second step is to fill the seven primary chakras with God's light and love regularly (daily) until the flow of the light and love between all chakras is permanent. You may call for God's love and light to fill each chakra until you can manifest the flow through your open heart and God Stream opening through all chakras and energy centres. Know beloveds, all beings with open hearts are continually being filled with light and love and these beings do not get drained of energy for their hearts are always open and this creates an infinite ability to receive and transmit energy.

  3. The third step is to honour every being as divine with your words, thoughts and actions even if they are not to your personality's liking and you are challenged by the energies they may reflect to you. Each person you meet in life reflects a part of your own self returning to you . If you truly open your heart to them, no matter what lies between you, you will expand and develop your consciousness and heart to grow profoundly, allowing the embrace of all your own inner shadows hidden to your consciousness.

  4. The fourth step is to create mind, body, soul and spirit balance in your life through spending a small amount of focussed time feeding your mind, soul , spirit and body with clean energy. Simply, beloved, offering your physical body energetic connection to Mother Earth by laying your body on the Earth with loose clothing and no shoes for twenty minutes is a good example of getting the body fed by clean energy. Offering your mind, time out from any form of outside stimulus and spending twenty minutes relaxing the mind and letting all thoughts go from the mind through a focus on the breath is a simple example of feeding the mind with clean energy. Offering your soul and heart twenty minutes of listening or, dancing to uplifting music or creative play with beautiful colours ..for no reason but for soul food is a good example of feeding one's soul with clean energy. Offering your spirit twenty minutes of divine connection through the heart, through allowing the feeling of love to arise form within and channelling this love to another being or to the world is a good example of feeding your spirit with clean energy.

  5. The fifth step is to truly recognise that love is within all that is and to dedicate your life to not only choosing the path of love, but also to living the path of love and embodying it. Also to recognise that all beings are truly created in their original form from the vibration of love and it only takes one being to hold the vibration of love so that all beings can return to their original form. Through holding the love for others and transmitting it to all beings equally when there are stressful, intense, difficult times in your environment is a primary action that will teach you to embody love more deeply each day. Asking yourself, how could I be more loving each day and practising one act to greaten and strengthen your gifting of love to all beings is my suggestion as a sacred practise of living love. Placing yourself in all the other person's shoes before talking to them is the most important key I can give you in regards to the practise of living love. Raising your consciousness manifest through the words, thoughts and actions you transmit into the world. Choosing to make a powerful focus on changing your words, thoughts and actions to transmit the most love you can in every moment, so you may become a channel of love for all beings. Once you begin to channel love and light through your actions, words and thoughts, your chakras will begin to flow with a more continual stream of love and light, creating you to raise in vibration more powerfully.  

  6. The sixth step is to cease offering any form of judgement to any other being, no matter how subtle it is or how correct you may feel you are, as this judgement of others not only is felt by others and creates others to contract their energy but also creates a veil over your mind and heart and block your own flow of divine consciousness. Focus on recognising the subtlest of judgements and releasing them from your soul, mind and spirit and body with loving recognition, forgiveness and authentic responsibility for all projections of judgements towards others. Release the judgements as they arise by asking for them to be transformed and lifted from you and your DNA if they arise. Beloveds, judgement is a teacher for you of your own personality and mind issues with humanity and life on Earth. Own your own judgements and you will reclaim all power connection to your God stream you may have rejected in this or any other life.

  7. The seventh step is to acknowledge that you are a creator of your reality and as challenge arises, that you have the power to change your reality to resonate to your open heart by taking responsibility and acknowledging all that is occurring is a result of previous words, actions and thoughts that you transmitted to manifest your present creation. These thoughts, actions or words may have been transmitted to others in this life or other lives and all that is on your life path has been created by you at some point  on your soul journey. It may be something returning for you to learn to love it or it may be something you have created to learn from. Without acknowledgment of your own creation , there is not the potential for the whole learning to manifest and complete.

Beloveds, the more you practise these simple seven steps each day (they may seem obvious but they often missed even by the lightworkers amongst humanity) , the more you will reclaim your power to co-create your reality and heart dreaming. The more you raise your vibration each day with these seven steps, the more you will be uneffected by other people's energy and uneffected by humanity's collective consciousness.

Our group-consciousness and oneness is a relatively new subject of discussion amongst the collective, although it is the life thread that in fact connects our souls as a collective. The group heart of humanity is at times in a state of turmoil, beloveds, due to the belief humanity's collective consciousness holds in relation to beliefs that “we are separate” and “we do not effect each other...that each of us as humans have separate lives to each other....”. This is the difference between us and the angels and other light beings, beloveds. We each have the same potential for God consciousness as each other, yet it is the collective consciousness of angelics that knows we are not separate and we are in truth one. It is a simple belief and truth , yet as the deepest effect on our collective and it is this belief that creates us to make choices without the awareness of how they energetically effect the earth, other human beings or any of the other beings from the kingdoms of Earth.

It is as our collective recognises itself as one large body rather than many small bodies of countries or religions, that we will see many changes within our society for it is through the “collective choices” we make that we pave our destiny as humanity. As a meditation, I ask you to consider different people in our Earth history that have made an immense positive difference to others, the Earth and society and therefore has effected the collective field with their individual power. I ask you to consider, how one person can effect the collective to be shown a new path or direction for our society to travel in and how this can occur through a single human's interaction within the collective. How was this possible that our human evolution could be effected by one individual? Once you recognise a person who inspires you, beloved, I ask you to recognise that you also have a divine potential to be an inspiration for others. Your own genius awaits you and may be awakened and manifested through the holy spirit of your being impulsing your personality or soul to raise their consciousness beyond the collective's in relation to one aspect of life. It is this receptivity to the spirit of your soul  that is the key to your highest potential being awakened. This being who inspires you, only received this through being receptive to the impulsations of their spirit. For it is through our spiritual connection that we are able to be lifted in frequency through our vibratory body and then be able to receive inspirations, new ideas and a new awareness or a new level of consciousness. Beloveds, as I share this I ask each of you to acknowledge if you are listening to the signs and messages your holy spirit impulses you with and are you acting on the impulsations of your holy spirit when you receive these?

I place this idea before each one of you and suggest, that “you carry that individual power” to effect the collective field and this effect offers a seeding of a new consciousness within the collective. Yet your individual power is connected to your spirit and without following the impulsations that your holy spirit offers you, you are unable to make the highest potential positive effect on the collective field (the field that all of humanity shares on Earth). Know each one of you carry seeds of new consciousness and these may be discovered through your mind, body, soul and spirit's divine union. This is the first key to activating your birthright or natural genius, each beings highest potential. Genius in our society is often seen as great intelligence, yet, beloveds, the very nature of the word expresses our “genuine” self or genuine intelligence. Our genuine intelligence anchors firstly through our mind's connection to our God presence, beloveds and then grounds through our heart and then our physical body.  Once our mind has opened to our highest potential, our soul may receive it through the heart and this in turn is transmitted through our actions through our physical body. Know beloveds, that our genuine intelligence comes as a divine energy that creates us to glow the more it anchors. It brings love, health, prosperity and fulfillment to our being.

I invite you to activate or begin the path of this sacred journey by calling to the holy spirit of your soul to merge through every cell of your body, every photon of your soul and mind and spirit each day. I ask you to call for the balance of all energy through all your chakras and bodies and for your Divine Presence to impulse you with the clear messages and signs of your direction in life.

Seven Steps to create your Genuine Intelligence (Genius) to Flow in Life
  1. Be open physically, mentally and emotionally to the spirit world for the impulsations and messages from the Holy Spirit of your soul and recognise them as a precious gift.

  2. Give thanks for all that you receive and ask for al beings to receive that which you receive.

  3. Acknowledge the Great Mystery in life and the truth that within it there are no limitations or boundaries.

  4. Work every day with the Great Mystery as your sacred partner through prayer and through your intentions and thoughts and acknowledge a part of you is mysterious and you have not discovered this part of yourself. It is the part of you that has no need for limitations or boundaries around thought and that which it is inspired to focus upon – this is the genuine intelligence held within you that is one with the Great Mystery of life. It cannot be known by you intellectually and summed up by you or bound by your ideas,  for it is a force of intelligence that comes from  the realms of formlessness and spirit.  

  5. Open your heart to the divine force of the Goddess, the living force of creation, on Earth – the force of life that is the creative form of all life and ask that the Goddess merge with you. Honour the Goddess (creation in all form) equally to heavenly creative force (the holy spirit of formlessness- that which overflows through the sacred form).

  6. Allow the genuine words, thoughts and feelings that come from this experience to be shared with all beings who are open to receiving these from you, as you are impulsed to share by your holy spirit. Know that your genius, or genuine intelligence will come directly from your holy spirit and will inspire all others, uplift all others and touch the souls, minds and hearts of all others who you offer these sharings with. Be aware of what is an impulsation from your holy spirit and what is an impulsation from your inauthentic self or the part of your being that is transforming powerfully through this consciousness shift. Impulsations from your inauthentic self ( a part of your consciousness returning home to your heart) drain your energy, do not uplift the soul and often confuse and create more difficulty with others. Give love to the impulsations of the inauthentic self and resolve them internally with love through the open heart.

  7. Offering the divine dispensations of your holy spirit, whether it be through art, poetry, songs, writing, music, dance, inventions, teachings etc the community, then the world, step by step as you are impulsed and guided from within is the last step. Beloveds, know that if the flow of genuine intelligence or genius becomes blocked , it is because you are not following all of these seven steps and have not implemented them and integrated them into your consciousness and lifestyle.

Blessings on all your divine creations and your path of exploration of your own natural genius.   

Love and Blessings to all of you,

Qala Sri'ama


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