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Phantom Energies

through June Stephansen

Invisible Negative Energies

The mystery of phantom energies seems to be unraveling before our eyes. The more we become aware of our heightened senses the more conscious we are of energies emanating in or from our immediate surroundings and other environments we are exposed to on a day to day sequence. These kinds of negative energies are all around us affecting our very Beingness to the extent that many people have to seek out mental health to rid themselves of the negative thoughts and actions they do and feel. Many people are prescribed Drugs such as Anti-depressives to "Mask" the thoughts but at the same time these very same Drugs set the mind of the user of such Drugs in a False Reality where everything seems wonderful and normal when in actuality it is not. These very same Drugs have caused some people to go as far as going on killing rampages for no reason at all. The signs are there but no one is listening or watching.

People who live in the 3 D lower frequencies have a tendency to take on the negative aspects of the lower frequency vibrations. For even goodness can take on negativity. An example is a person who has gone through a personal tragedy of losing a loved one either by death or divorce. They haven't been able to let go of that person. By not letting go they produce what I call a phantom negative energy that emanates from their beingness. It is sorrow, loneliness and bitterness wrapped into one. Wherever they go, if they sit on a chair or couch in therapy, they leave behind a phantom negative energy that is permanently embedded into the seat in which they sat. Now if the therapist office used white sage to smudge or clear the room and furniture of the negativity they would be doing their existing client's a great service. For believe it or not many people who are sensitive can pick up traces of negative energies in environments and to never return feeling that the place has a lot of Negative Energy. Some furniture can never be cleaned of Negative energy if it has been exposed to too much negativity over the years! Now if the same person, who went to therapy, later went to yoga to relax or exercise is also leaving his or her Negative energies on mats and blankets used freely at the Yoga studio. The next person who uses these items will get the Negative emotions left behind which will attach invisibly to their physical body. Consequently their behavior may change later after the class or even during the class making one feel tired, feeling anxiety or other negative affects expressing anger or even hostility. Meaning they would not have a good experience or time and not even knowing why. It is also possible that when sitting next to this person we are speaking of in the Yoga class, in a Doctors office, or anywhere in public, we can feel the anxiety emulating off this person. If they talk to you, you may even hear it in their negative words. If one did not know what the history of the person was, you may try to get as far away from that individual as possible or feel the anxiety the whole time sitting there next to the afflicted individual. You see the energies leave a tell tale sign of heaviness in the air around you, experiencing a sort of choking affect without even touching you. You may even feel to get up and leave that very moment of the affliction of Negative energies Exposure to these energies leaves you vulnerable unless you understand what is actually going on. Many of you are gifted in this area of knowing these energies exist and take precautions to cleanse right after the encounter.

Afflicted Young Children and Teenagers

Young children are also manifesting negative thoughts and behavior by mimicking bad examples projected by parents, as well as their peers. TV and other forms of entertainment such as video games that impose some kind of violent stimulation by over extensive viewing or programming of the mind. Many times it is virtually impossible for parents to monitor Television Programming because the content is not suitable for a child's viewing but it is still rated PG and parents are thinking the rating is suitable for their children to watch. This is not the case thought because there is much underlying influences that are not suitable for a child's mind to consume. Understanding where the negative kinds of energies come from and how they are dispensed out among the general public is a major task since we live in a society that warrants and attributes these kinds of behavioral antics in Cartoons, movies, and general day to day life as normal behavior.

How these Invisible Energies Effect Children

With the onset of stressful situations caused by divorce, abandonment, a death in the family, and the lack of parental attention, children are faced with becoming adults before they are capable of handling the responsibility. And knowing this to be true we can only guide them to be aware of this behavior and the affect it is having on everyone and society as a whole. These children need more support than ever before. Getting support by therapy is another story. Many parents do not understand nor do they have the time to spend with their children. This probably more than any other situation is the underlying problem for most children, the lack of parental caring.

Negative Entity Attachments

Some stressed children end up with attachments (Negative Entities) that attach themselves on them unsuspectingly. Behavioral problems are the first sign of having these kinds of attachments. No self control or awareness of others feelings, doing utterly awful things to everyone including you as the parent. The behavior includes lying, manipulation and yes even self mutilation to get attention. Some children are screaming inside or internally for help! Seeking out a Psychiatric Holistic Health Physician at this point would be the only way to release these children of these kinds of attachments. And be aware they can come back if the child does not remove the Negative thoughts from his or her mind. Attachments are not picky, they will jump on you too- but you are not as tasty in a sense of vibrating a Negative charge of energy through your beingness as the child who harbors it 24 hours a day. Also adults can have Negative Entity Attachments too - So keep this in mind.

Negative Energies Emanating in Your Space.

It's in the air that has found its way to your homes, work space, and public places such as hospitals, malls and the grocery store. And it doesn't stop there. This kind of Negative energy can be appear in your children, your wife you're your husband as well as friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and family members. It is not discriminating in who it picks on, but it manifests itself when it comes in contact with anyone who can hold the vibration. Not only can it manifest itself in beings, it can reside as an undesirable residual energy left on furniture, in cars, your house after the guests leave. It does not discriminate, it grabs onto whoever is unaware of its destructive power. This power has the ability to manifest itself in many ways. From non-physical ghost or invisible Negative energies that can attach itself to a person as well as physical material in our surrounding environment.

Who has it to share.

Anyone you know or don't know for that matter can displace Negative energies in an around others to the extent you can deposit these Invisible Ghost Negative energies, left behind where ever you visit. Even on the internet. There may be a site that says it user friendly but every time you write something nice someone returns Negative energy in their writing back to you personally. You may find the entire site or group unfriendly waters to visit and want to leave. The suggestion here is to leave these groups and not to pick up the Negative vibrations being flung at you.

People thinking negative thoughts, acting out anger through negative thoughts, acting out of fear through negative thoughts, 24/7 release these Negative energies non-stop. Everyone has contact with Negative Energy whether they have it or not. The question is when it is projected toward you what do you do? This is the hardest part of dealing with an unknown energy and an unseen energy that is lurking about. Here are a few identifiable negative aspects:

Negative Energy that can be seen

Bad behavior in public, temper tantrums by children in public places, animal abuse by adults as well as children, arguments at the work place on a regular basis witnessed by co-workers, verbal harassment by unknown individuals over a dispute in a public place or at your home, sexual harassment by a co-worker in the work place, physical abuse by a spouse in a public or in private, as well as in sight of young children at home, traffic altercations with other drivers, parents beating their children in public places and at home. Other forms of obsessive behavior such as gambling, alcoholism, and drug addiction certainly contribute to Negative behavior. Another negative energy trait would be the manipulation of others for one's own benefit. These are a few of many and even if you do not actively take part in this Negative energy behavior you are certainly affected by it.

Negative Energy that can be seen and heard:

Marital arguments, verbal abuse by spouse, verbal harassment, gossip, arguments over jealousy, most of these are heard from a distance as a disturbance and causes anxiety in everyone not involved personally except that you can hear it.

Negative Energy that is invisible or unseen:

Pent up anger, fear, abandonment by spouse or parent, holding grudges forever, holding onto guilt, anxiety from many things that include death of family member, job loss, divorce, children affected by divorce hold negative energy inside. Emotions from being raped can harvest negativity. Many emotions transcends from the things listed in the above seen and heard category.

How to clear some of these kinds of Negative Energies:

A good idea if you think you may have negative energy in your beingness is to have your chakras cleared of long term built up or pent up negative energies either from this lifetime or previous past incarnations carried over to this life. Everyone at one time or another carries over something unpleasant from their childhood, a bad marriage, some kind of harassment, and other unpleasant situations we all seem to have had in the past. Negative energies affect your behavior as well as your health. This would be a good place to start if you find you are the one harboring fear, anxiety, anger and anything else along those lines.

Smudging with Sage

Smudging your home with white sage of these unpleasant Negative energies after a party or house guests would be a good idea. You see negative energy comes with many facets of meandering into your life. If you don't have it, someone else does. It's like avoiding the flu, if you stay away, you won't get it. But if you go out into an environment that can hold these Negative energies, such as public places, work places or environments, friend's homes, shopping malls, restaurants and the list goes on, chances are you will be exposed to it. And like the flu if it comes to your house you must disinfect it by smudging! Usually this takes care of the problem, unless someone else in your household is harboring Negative energy, then you must go about it a different way.

What kind of environments should we be focusing on? One for sure is a working environment where there are several individuals working together, where personalities clash and there may be some people who unknowing do things that are not in the best interest of the company as well as the group work environment. In this situation one might consider getting a Negative Ion Machine to balance out the energies in the room. Another way of coping with the Negative energies is to get an Electric Fan Aromatherapy Diffuser which will calm the office atmosphere to a more soothing environment where everyone is being affected by the comforting smell of an herbal blend of an essential oil. And if this does not work, then the negative individual(s) in question should seek therapeutic help. The environment of the work area starts from the top down. The owner and or manager of the business work environment have to be responsible for the well being of the work environment. It is up to this person(s) to ensure the stability of the work environment and the business. If there is havoc in the work area/environment, the business will diminish and therefore not survive. And that goes for businesses that have customers or clients. If there is Negative energy emanating in a business, or therapist or doctor's office, chances are that they may loose clients they already have and with the possibility of not perpetuating new client's in the near future.

TV and the Media

Negative energy is in all aspects of our lives. Ever pick up a news paper to find mostly bad stuff happening? This is Negative broadcasting or communication, whether coming from the TV or radio. And then people start mimicking what they read or hear. It becomes a Cycle of Negative energy and Programming. Hardly ever do you read or hear about positive happenings which seem to be rare these days when watching or reading the news. It may be wise to stop exposing yourself from this daily obstruction. Consider weaning yourself from reading the newspapers or TV news or TV altogether and see how you feel after a few weeks. You may find that you may feel much better without carrying the burdens of the entire world by ignoring it. This kind of broadcasting or communications breeds anxiety and It is believed that the intent of its function is to keep you in a state of disarray.

Negative energy symptoms come in many forms.

When someone looses a loved one, they can carry Negative energy within their body that can make them ill and or can also bring on a great sadness that may never be diagnosed or goes untreated. Another parallel, when there is a divorce in a family, many of the family members can exhibit Negative energy within their beingness through sadness, anger, and resentment. This happens not only to the man and woman who has divorced but their children can also be affected. Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend also causes symptoms of Negative energy that can be expelled through the surface of your body and into an environment that you work or play. That's right, if you go to the gym to workout to get things off your mind you are leaving Negative residue behind when you leave. It can remain on the equipment you have used or you yourself can emit an aura of Negative energy. The person standing next to you may be very sensitive to your vibration and run or move away from you. Or that person can pick up your Negative energy and go home with it. That very energy taken home can virtually change that person's behavior in a Negative way.

Another excellent example of a negative energy experience is at Christmas when shopping. There seems to be excitement in the air but by the time the day is over, you come home and you are completely exhausted and in a bad mood from standing in long lines to make your purchases and fighting the crowds as well as looking for a parking place that doesn't seem to exist. And so you wait thinking negative thoughts which adds fuel to the fire building up within. You're negative thoughts and others add up to a lot of bad energy. By the time you get home, you are not happy and you had a very bad experience. You may find yourself being grumpy and not so nice with the one's you love. And this is a byproduct of negative energy released.

Have you ever felt that you were in the presence of someone that you could not wait to get away from? Sometimes our bodies react without us knowing the real reason why. Many times you may wonder why you reacted that way without really understanding what was really happening. Intuitiveness is a 6th sense and has many instinctive aspects and everyone has it to a degree. He or she may be aware of it or not. Acting on a gut feeling is intuitive and these feelings should not be dismissed.

By recognizing negative energy behaviors or emotions with better understanding, whether we project it or when we are on the receiving end, we will be able to shut it down on the onset. When we finally grasp the concept of thinking positively, and holding onto those positive thoughts, even when negative thoughts are projected from others we gain higher self awareness. It is important to project positively in our everyday life.

You have lived your life's story full of interesting chapters bursting of conflicts full of fear, anger, and neglect. Maybe it's because it is what instigates Karmic lessons. And with these Negative aspects you also have the Positive attributes of happiness, compassion and love. All these have become quite a blend of emotions. As you merge these emotions you dive into a sea of confusion through your countless actions of thoughts and words that can change your view of the world you live in as well as how you view others as well as yourselves. The world becomes a picture in your minds as crazy, mixed up, and confused and at the same time wonderful and full of joy.

Once you are awakened to your Higher Aspect of Self, many things seem to appear obvious to you. It is at this time you must look deeply at the subject to avoid the pitfalls of falling into the trap. Negative energy will remain on the earth plane for awhile, at least until everyone who wishes to awake, wakes up completely. Until then, you must have understanding for others growth in becoming more aware of their Higher Self ...that of the Soul. Remember It is important to be aware of the awakening process of conscious thoughts and changes at all time. Think before speaking or conversing. Choose every word carefully. Love the Newly Awaken as you loved yourself going through the awakening process. Remember it is not an easy Journey to accomplish but very rewarding! Ascension is here in the NOW.

"The Wingmaker and Joelle"

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