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Believe in Your Self

by Jennifer Hoffman

Would you be willing to tell others that you believe in yourself, in your abilities and your perfection? What would they think about you? Would they call you conceited, arrogant or self-absorbed? More importantly, can you tell yourself that you believe in yourself and really mean it? When you believe in yourself you are not acknowledging the physical aspects of your being, you are acknowledging your own divinity. You are accepting that there is a non-physical part of you, your Self or your Higher Self, and acknowledging its presence and its role in your life. Can you believe in your Self when others do not believe in or acknowledge you? Do you see this as the ultimate test of your willingness to acknowledge your Source connection?

Believing in your Self is acknowledging that there is a part of you that is wise beyond measure, powerful beyond human comprehension and capable of manifesting every wish that you desire. When you state that you believe in your Self you acknowledge your partnership with your spiritual connection and create a partnership between the ego and the Self that allows you to move effortlessly through life. If you are engaged in power struggles in your daily life, they are but a mirror of the battles that you are creating between the ego and the self, between the material and spiritual aspects of you.

Believing in your Self allows you to know, beyond any doubt or fear, that you are always safe and protected. It allows you to exist in that space that is beyond understanding, for knowing is understanding put into practice. When you understand something you have a comprehension of its meaning and place in your life. But when you know it, you can move forward with confidence because it has become part of your being. This places you in a position of power and connection from which you can make choices and decisions that create miracles in your life.

Your life is a partnership between the ego and the Self and when these two work together, you experience joy and peace. When the ego gains control you are full of fear, doubt and confusion. When you place the Self above the ego you may become spiritually absorbed and materially confused. These are two aspects of you and one is not more important than the other. As ego and Self learn to work in harmony, the two voices in you, head and heart, speak as one and you will have fulfilled your spiritual destiny. Do not be afraid to believe in your Self for it is the way that you acknowledge the spiritual aspect of your nature. If you believe in the Self, there is no room for judgment, fear or doubt because there is no place for them. This week, believe in your Self, not at the expense of the ego, which has its function in your life, but as your ego's partner. Know that you exist in divine perfection and that it is the partnership of the ego and Self that hold the key to your greatest power and abilities.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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