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Montsegur - France

The Call From Your Highest Self

by Jennifer Hoffman

Every life situation in which you are called to face your fears, doubts, frustrations, insecurities, and other aspects of yourself that stand between you and your divinity are a call from your highest self. You have, through your soul contract, created circumstances to find and reconnect to your highest self, your greatest purpose and your desire for love. While they may uncover what you think are the weakest and most fragile aspects of your being, that is not their purpose. Those places where you are paralyzed with fear, unable to overcome doubt or frustrated to the limit of your tolerance are gifts of healing and transformation.

You are called to be your highest self, which is the most balanced expression of spirit, mind and heart, when it is time for transformation. You yourself put out the call to the Universe, asking for help with this process and it arrives in the form of people and situations to help you face your fears, release the past and create a new reality. At times you are stopped from movement and your challenge is to choose between pushing and fighting or to stop and consider what you are being guided to learn. Being in the stillness, quieting your mind and listening for guidance are part of lessons in patience and trust and it is there you will connect to your highest self and find the answers you seek.

Can you trust that the Universe is answering your call for transformation by helping you find and release whatever blocks you from your highest self? Your requests for help are always heard and responded to but the Universe empowers you to find your own solutions. You can choose to see any situation as a miracle of transformation or a punishment that you can choose to blame on Creator or remember that you are the co-creator of your reality. You are your highest self when you remember that you are the most powerful person in your life.

The call to be and express the highest self is being felt by everyone. This is why so many are confused and afraid, unsure of where to go next or how to proceed. Many soul contracts are being completed now and each person is provided with the best possible situations to do so. Opportunities for empowerment and re-connection, to find the light within are available to all. Transformation is occurring on every level and the light is reaching the darkest corners so that all is revealed. This is a process that is occurring in divine order. See every situation as an opportunity to express your highest self and the reality of your dreams will unfold before you.

Article Copyright 2008 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

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