Reality and the Now

by Jennifer Hoffman

Each moment represents the collection of everything that we have ever been, done and experienced and from that moment, we create the next moment, based on what we believe is possible. What that means is that at every moment we are assessing the past and using it to extrapolate the future. That is why it is difficult for us to move in another direction-we are continuously creating the future from the past. But learning to create our reality from the now, by living exclusively in the present moment, changes everything.

The only thing that is real in our lives is whatever is contained in a single moment, which we have learned to call the 'now.' It's a popular concept that sounds great on paper but is more difficult to do in practice. Creating reality from the now means ignoring everything that we have learned from the past and walking into an unknown future with faith and trust in a benevolent Universe. It requires that we ignore the warning signals and memories of past pain that our brain has meticulously stored for us and believe that despite what the past was, the future will be different.

But when we live in the now, our reality becomes a wonderful adventure full of exciting possibilities that surpass anything that we could create from what we know from the past. A reality that exists in the present moment is full of uncertainty that is not born of fear, but of promise. It contains an infinite number of potential realities, any one of which can become a new reality for us. If we are looking for a job, for example, and are fully in the present moment, we are open to anything and trust that the one that encompasses the most wonderful rewards for us will be available to us. It may come to us in unexpected ways-perhaps through the friend of a friend, or at a chance meeting at a coffee shop-but it will be perfect for us in every way.

Creating reality in the now means living without expectations, the certainty of how things should or can be, and open ourselves to the unlimited possibilities of each 'next' moment. Our reality can look entirely different from what it is at the moment if we simply step into each moment knowing that it is full of miraculous opportunities waiting for us to connect to them. Until we become aware of the present moment, we are unaware of how much we do live in the past and use its experiences to project the future.

This week, practice living in each moment. Don't worry about the future, just appreciate the present. As you train your brain to stop creating the future for you, you will notice that you pay attention to different things and that there is a shift in your perceptions about yourself and what is possible for you. There is less fear, because there is no fear in the present moment-fear is based on the past. Then you can step into your untapped potential realities and see life unfold in new directions, instead of a replay of old patterns. This is when miracles occur and we can bring our dreams to fruition.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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