Monthly Messages


The Energies of October

Lately every month seems to have its special challenges and September certainly was an eye opener. From the moment it began with Mercury retrograde, then the Equinox, its powerful full moon and the heavy energy on the 30th, it has been a month to remember (or perhaps forget). If we needed to hear the ringing of the clue phone, we heard it in September. And we answered it too, or it was answered for us. Now we're into a new month with new opportunities and yes, a few challenges. This month we will feel like we're learning to drive a very fast, high performance car, so we need to go a little slowly at first and get used to the power. Then we can take off!

October will bring a welcome break from the relentless challenges we have experienced since May. If we have done the work that was revealed to us (and only if), October will bring many blessings. If not, then October is going to be another challenge. What is your work? Did September reveal any feelings, people, situations or beliefs that you needed to release? Did you release them? If not you will get another chance to do so in October. Just remember it is always a little harder the second time around.

The lesson of September was surrender, which is our call to stop fighting ourselves, the Universe, our dreams, and our heart. In October our surrender can be rewarded as we start creating, manifesting, dreaming big and getting clear on who we are and what we deserve. We will continue to feel the time warps and collapses as we move into non-linear time. You may find that your intuition increases this month and you may even begin to hear unseen voices or feel energies that exist outside the third dimension.

This is going to be a busy month for all of us as we start receiving what we have been asking for. Then we'll regret not taking full advantage of the time that we had when little seemed to be happening. I felt a big sigh of relief when September ended and I have been telling people for months that October starts a whole new paradigm shift - one that will not be as focused on the lessons, healing and release of the past few months but on creating, manifesting and finding our new life purpose, which is possible once we move beyond the healing. Stay positive and remember you are a powerful co-creator. Use your power wisely. Have a wonderful month

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