Adult Indigos

Justifying Our Existence

by Jennifer Hoffman

The Adult Indigos that I am writing about are the ones who are currently in their forties and fifties. These are the late baby boomers, the ones who were born post World War II and by parents who had experienced the war and depression, either as adults or children. One thing that marks this generation is that they were taught that they had to get an education and a good job so that they could have a respectable life. Many of their parents worked hard to send their children to college and everyone wanted their child to be a doctor or a lawyer. The theme for them was to be a respectable person that others admired and justify their existence through their social respectability, meaning their value is determined by what they do and have.

Many adult Indigos tried to do that, working hard at their jobs and saving their money, only to go through a long period of cyclical unemployment and financial difficulties. Now many adult Indigos find themselves either without jobs or in careers that they did not plan for. This has been hard on their wallets, but harder on their egos and they have to re-examine their reasons for working hard, often at jobs or careers that they did not like, or 'playing the game' of respectability that they did not believe in. For many, they have decided to stop fighting and to do what they want to do with their lives and realize that they have gifts and talents to share with the world that may not be admired or valued by others, but are important nonetheless.

There is still some pressure to justify our existence that has reappeared in the past ten years. While there are people who will play that game, the adult Indigos have decided that they don't need a fancy title, money or degree to justify their existence. Whether they made that decision willingly (by changing their career path) or unwillingly (through layoffs and unemployment), it is part of their nature to go against the flow of popular thinking and they had to experience this so that they could give their own children the freedom to do and be what comes naturally to them, instead of justifying their existence through what they do. It has not been easy but adult Indigos are beginning to awaken to who they are and to have the courage to walk away from situations that no longer serve or satisfy them. If you are an adult Indigo and you feel this way, know that it is just the awakening process that you are going through. Try to not get stuck in the 'I hate where I am right now' feelings. Instead, use it as a period to discover what you really want for your life, then go after it. You have many gifts and talents, a drive for success and passion for what you believe in. These are your strengths; use them to create what you want and share your gifts with the world.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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