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Indigos and Home Schooling

by Jennifer Hoffman

There was a twenty percent increase in the number of U.S. children who were home schooled by their parents last year and the number is expected to increase again in 2006. Parents choose to educate their children at home for a number of reasons that include the ability to offer a more controlled curriculum where children can advance at their own rate of learning. Schools are much different than they were when I was a student-I never had to go through a metal detector or have drug- sniffing dogs search my locker. Violence was unheard of and no one carried knives or guns. But times have changed and this is what our children have to deal with in school today. And it is another reason that parents choose to teach their children at home.

Children who do not do well in the regulated, rule- driven school environment tend to do very well when schooled at home. And those who have behavioral problems at school and are labeled as 'problem children' perform differently when they are not under pressure from the education system and their peers. This does not mean that every parent should educate their children at home, but those parents that make the decision to do so realize many benefits from their efforts. Many Indigos are forcing this change because the individualized attention and freedom that home schooling offers is exactly what they need, at least until changes are made to the education systems.

As the Crystal generation reaches school age, many of their parents will choose home schooling for their educational needs. The gentle Crystal energy does not have the Indigos' mission to compel change and they simply will not perform as expected under pressure. Instead, they shut down and refuse to participate until what they need is available to them. Fortunately, the home schooling tools available to parents are quite sophisticated and can to meet the needs of both Indigos and Crystals. The decision to home school is a personal one that each parent must make within the context of their abilities, availability and their children's needs. As a parent of grown Indigos, I realize that my children would have benefited greatly from home schooling and may have been more interested in school if the curriculum had been more geared to their needs and the pressure from teachers and students had not been something that they had to deal with. If you decide to home school your children, there are many wonderful resources available to you and your children will probably thrive under the care and attention that they receive from you. Perhaps home schooling will be the wave of the future and will evolve into a different type of school system that Indigo and Crystal children can thrive in.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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