Adult Crystals

Adult Crystals and the Shift

by Jennifer Hoffman

The new article on today's children is now available on the website. This month's article is about the truth that these children are revealing to us about ourselves, our lives and our world. This generation is known by many names, including Indigo and Crystal Children, Star Children, Light Children. Whatever name they are known by, they are a generation that we have never seen before and they have special needs, gifts and talents. The Crystal and Indigo children represent the new, higher energetic patterns that are arriving to change the Earth's vibrational frequency. This new series provides information on these children and the wonderful gifts they bring to the world.

The Crystal Adults were born in the 1950s and 1960s. They brought the energy of today's Crystal children to the planet, preparing it for these wonderful children. The Crystal adults are thoughtful, sensitive, highly intuitive and very spiritual. Their energy does not blend well with that of the third dimension and many of them follow a path that keeps them out of the mainstream because the energy is often difficult for them to handle. While Indigo adults are rebels and action oriented, Crystal adults are quite different. They are move about more quietly, patiently and are not as aggressive as Indigos, but are no less persistent. Many Crystal adults are the ones who began the spiritual movement in the 1970s and 1980s, writing about topics that no one knew about or understood, but persisting in their efforts, knowing that eventually others would come around.

Adult Crystals are having problems in the Shift because the energy is becoming so polarized that they feel almost split in two, not knowing where to put their energy. More than others, they feel the changing energy, the energetic releases and the fear that many people are going through at this time. Because they are so empathic, they must work hard to not become part of the craziness that many people are feeling at this time. Many Crystal Adults write to me and tell me of their struggles to find jobs that are meaningful and at which they can earn a living. For Crystal Adults, the corporate environment of the last ten years is too challenging, so they seek other avenues of employment. Because many have not yet found their path, they struggle to feel positive about the avenues of employment that they choose, in a society that values material success above all else.

For Adult Crystals, the key to working with the Shift energy is to focus on staying grounded and to not let the chaos around them infringe on their energy. One of their gifts is empathy, but that must be tempered with a certain amount of detachment, or they can feel like they are losing focus and literally 'floating' in a sort of energetic limbo. Adult Crystals who have Crystal children can work with their children, who will be very aware of their uncertainty and who will be especially affected if their parents are not grounded, and teach their children how to handle the energetic shifts. Crystal children are here to heal the energy of humans and the planet once the Shift is completed. They have much to teach us about healing and they have a remarkable ability to stay focused on their gifts and their true Self, even in the face of chaos. If you are an Adult Crystal and feel the need to begin writing, doing spiritual teaching or to engage in some sort of spiritual learning, follow your intuition. Anything that draws your attention and focus is something that you need at this time and that will help you to allow the energy to flow through and around you and not pick up on the fear. Follow your intuition, be at peace and watch your Crystal children and you will come through the Shift stronger, more confident of your abilities and able to express your gifts to help the Crystal children heal the world.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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