Challenging Authority

by Jennifer Hoffman

There is a new generation of children in the world and they are known by many names, including Indigo and Crystal Children, Star Children, Light Children. Whatever name they are known by, they are a generation that we have never seen before and they have special needs, gifts and talents. The Crystal and Indigo children represent the new, higher energetic patterns that are arriving to change the Earth's vibrational frequency.This new series provides information on these children and the wonderful gifts they bring to the world.

I have been writing a great deal about adult Indigos because many of them are beginning to awaken to who they are. One reader wrote to me last week that she finally realized that she was an adult Indigo and knowing that made such a difference in her life. She felt free and at peace with who she was and could finally accept herself. Adult Indigos were born to introduce the Indigo energy and their children were the first generation of Indigos. They were the pioneers and have not had an easy time with this energy as they did not have parents who understood or accepted it. Many of them were the 'different' ones in their families, the ones who never really fit in, got along or did what others did. And because they have the Indigo energy that challenges authority, they had, and still have, problems with doing things the way everyone else did them or following the rules. They came here to begin breaking the rules and they are doing it well.

Adult indigos do not challenge rules to be argumentative; they challenge rules that do not make sense, are unfair or do not have a sound basis. And being pioneers, they creatively go against the rules in order to understand why the rules exist in the first place. Why aren't they supposed to do something and what will happen if they do? Then they challenge the authority that created the rules to find out. As children that mindset often got them into trouble. As adults, they are the ones who are protesting many of today's injustices, some at great personal cost. One adult Indigo that comes to mind is Cindy Sheehan, the woman whose son was killed in Iraq and who camped outside of President Bush's ranch, demanding to speak to him about bringing U.S. troops home. Adult Indigos have the courage of their convictions and are not afraid to stand for their beliefs, even if appears that they are standing alone.

But adult Indigos are not alone in their challenge of authority and it is the energy that they carry, combined with their willingness to act on their beliefs that is responsible for the awakening of many people today. Many adult Indigos are lightworkers, even if they do not know what that word means. They don't have to be working within the 'spiritual community' to be a force for change during the Shift. Many of them are homemakers, office workers, mothers, fathers, journalists or people who have an issue with authority that they are not afraid to voice. As we look at social changes in the past twenty years, we can thank adult Indigos for challenging authority, for refusing to accept the status quo and demanding change. They are often willing to lead the change and to accept the responsibility for taking the first step. And today it is even more important that they acknowledge who they are and walk with confidence knowing that their task is to pave the way for their Indigo children, to create the openings in the rigid authority structure that they will change even further. If you're an adult Indigo and you have an issue with accepting authority, know that this is what you came to do and walk with confidence knowing that your efforts will be supported. In the words of Ghandi, 'we must become the change that we wish to see in the world.' Embrace your inability to blindly accept authority and you will be, and help others to be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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