Accepting our Mistakes

by Jennifer Hoffman

What would your life be like if you had not made so many mistakes? Would you be divorced now if you had married another person? Would you be making more money if you had chosen a different career path? Would you be happier if you had chosen to live elsewhere? Do you see many of your past decisions as mistakes because you find yourself at a far different place in your life than you thought you would be at this time? Accepting our mistakes is part of the journey of learning acceptance and in doing so, we come to realize that we never make mistakes.

We never do anything wrong, we just make decisions, at certain times, that have certain results. Sometimes those results bring us joy, sometimes they bring us pain. Each decision that we make at any point in time is the best decision that we can make at that time and also reflects a lesson that we must learn. Judging the wisdom of our choices once we learn their results, thus regretting the past, is like being able to pick the lottery numbers after we know what they will be. If we could do that, everyone would be a lottery millionaire. Of course, there are times when we know that we are probably not making the best decision in the situation but we often feel powerless to do anything else. That is not a mistake, just a decision or a choice made through the lens of our fears. But it's not a mistake.

Judging the past from the standpoint of the knowledge and experience that we have today will only bring us pain. Each of us would have made different choices if we could have known what their outcome would be. But then we would not learn anything. Every mistake has a lesson for us that we acknowledge when we do something differently the next time we are faced with a similar situation. If we repeat mistakes then we have additional opportunities to learn and to grow spiritually. But if we hound ourselves about the mistakes we have made and feel miserable because we made them, we're only hurting ourselves and blocking the learning and joy that we could be enjoying.

This week, consider the things that you have done in your life that you believe to be mistakes. What did you learn and how much wiser, stronger and more aware are you because of those choices? Did they bring you any blessings even though the experience may have been painful? What can you do differently today? Forgive yourself for those choices which you call mistakes and remember that they are just choices that you made, at a certain point in time, when you thought that you were choosing the best alternative. Accept and let go of your mistakes and see them as what they are, decisions made from a certain mindset. Take comfort in the fact that every day you have a chance to do things differently, to make different choices and to create joy and abundance in your life. And remember that nothing is ever a mistake.

Copyright(c) 2004-5 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved.

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