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Managing the Cosmic Crosshairs

August - September 2010  - Five Planets Now in Retrograde -  

The majority of planets in our solar system  are currently retrograde. 

(1) Pluto turned retrograde on 7 Apr 2010 
(2) Neptune turned retrograde on 31 May 2010 
(3) Uranus turned retrograde on 5 Jul 2010
(4) Jupiter turned retrograde on 23 Jul 2010
(5) Mercury turned retrograde on 20 Aug 2010     

The planetary energies are vamping up again as we draw closer to the potent September Equinox, occurring on September 22nd in the Americas and September 23rd in Europe. It may feel as if the astrological forces are taking aim at you, but there is a way to optimally manage the 'Cosmic Crosshairs'.  

So now, that you have all come thru the intensity of the Cardinal Grand Cross, its time to go into introspection within the current weeks waning full moon, and the retrograde energies of Mercury that are being amplified in their effect. In fact five planets are in retrograde between now and Sept 12 : Mercury - Jupiter - Neptune - Uranus -Pluto . But don't panic, while this is can be energy of  lethargy, and requisite travel & communication cautions, it also has a silver lining. It is a superb time to go inward.  

Take time to bring in well being thru meditation !!!      

All will be felt more deeply as you begin to sense the potent pull of the September Equinox, now just over  three weeks away. This energy can be trying, but can also be a serendipitously profound phase for deep meditation.    

Mercury' s retro will be especially powerful for reasons beyond the scope of planetary angles, relating more to the extraordinary 'Grid' energies aligning for the 10-10-10.   

As in all Mercury retrogrades, communication and travel are effected.  The energies over the next 3 weeks, in the declining moon will feel  heavy and heavier. Miscommunications can be rampant, and can degrade relationships if care is not taken. Misunderstandings will be especially easy in written word, emails etc... so take all with a grain of salt, and give seeming errant communications a few days before reply. Be calm, and give one another space.    

Those in imbalance may seem quite erratic and prone to overboard and inaccurate reactions over the next 3 weeks. Do take effort to not allow yourselves to spiral downward into depression or untoward emotion or action.    

Those who seem to fall into aspects of nosy-prying, envy and meddling gossip  may appear to launch into over-drive. But just take a deep breath and do not over react. Allow one another the benefit of the doubt, and perhaps better to wait to gently and kindly address & resolve any such issues after the 12th of September. Remember we are truly all family, and in higher realm, truly plural consciousness. We are one.      

Be aware that over the next 3 months, especially during the current retros...there are some exquisite energies for expanded introspection and deep meditation around relationships, health and home. Use these for both inner and exterior house-clearing & cleaning. This period can be very productive in terms of working on the self during the  intense gravities.  

It will also be a time when many at the end of their journeys will chose to pass over. If you have a parent or elder relative dealing with infirmities, take extra time to spend with them.For there is an opening during this equinoxial phase that is opportune for facil and clear exit and transition ,and many souls will chose to depart within it.    

 Planetary Retros in 2010  

Saturn turns retrograde on 13 Jan 2010 
Mercury turns direct on 15 Jan 2010
Mars turns direct on 10 Mar 2010 
Pluto turns retrograde on 7 Apr 2010 
Mercury turns retrograde on 18 Apr 2010 
Mercury turns direct on 11 May 2010 
Saturn turns direct on 30 May 2010 
Neptune turns retrograde on 31 May 2010 
Uranus turns retrograde on 5 Jul 2010
Jupiter turns retrograde on 23 Jul 2010
Mercury turns retrograde on 20 Aug 2010
Mercury turns direct on 12 Sep 2010 
Pluto turns direct on 14 Sep 2010 
Venus turns retrograde on 8 Oct 2010 
Neptune turns direct on 7 Nov 2010 
Jupiter turns direct on 18 Nov 2010 
Venus turns direct on 18 Nov 2010 
Uranus turns direct on 6 Dec 2010 
Mercury turns retrograde on 10 Dec 2010 
Mercury turns direct on 30 Dec 2010

James Tyberonn