Bringing Heaven to Earth

Diana Cooper on Angels and Ascension

by Celeste Adams

The hour that changed a life

Eighteen years ago, Diana Cooper was in the process of getting a divorce and could not see a future for herself.

In deep despair although she had no religious background Diana asked for Divine intervention. ''I said, 'If there's anything out there, show me and you've got one hour.'

''An angel came in and literally took me out of my body. I flew with a golden, six-foot-tall angel over people that all had rainbow auras. The angel telepathically told me that it meant that they were open and spiritually evolved people. There were people with rays of light shining through them, and I knew that it meant that I had to get rid of my anger and my fear.''

That one-hour experience with the angel changed Diana's life forever. After that experience, she trained as a hypnotherapist, counselor and spiritual healer.

A second encounter with angels

After writing four books, Diana again asked for guidance, and once more she was visited by angels. This time, they said that they wanted her to introduce other people to them.

Diana felt that she knew nothing about angels, but they convinced her that she did she just didn't have conscious awareness of her knowledge. And when she protested that she really did not want to do this, the angels told her that she had to distinguish whether that was a response from her ego or from her Higher Self.

''I settled in bed, and three angels came in and gave me all sorts of information about how Source was sending so many angels here, at this time, with the shift of the planet. I saw them around quite a lot, after that. I changed my classes completely and only taught about angels.''

Since then, Diana has had many other experiences with angels.

Angel Inspiration

In the middle of the night, a ring of angels circled round Diana's bed and poured golden light onto her. As she levitated above the bed, filled with a sense of wonder and awe, they told her that they wanted her to write Angel Inspiration. She set aside a novel she had been writing and sat for 14 hours a day until she finished writing the book.

''They held me all that time and just imparted things to me. That book completely carries the angel energy.''

Purifying our thoughts

In A Little Light on Ascension, Diana writes, ''Ascension means raising our vibration to the level of Light. Every thought, word, emotion, and action is a vibration which creates our aura, and so Ascension entails purifying our thoughts, cleansing our emotions, and choosing loving action for the highest good until we radiate at that higher level. Then we live in joy and freedom.''

We need to purify ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, and we should forgive and release all negative emotions that we may have about particular relationships. These negative emotions leave a residue in the cells of the body and in the aura.

We choose between being victims or becoming Masters

Negative thoughts keep us anchored in the third dimension. And when we refuse to let them go, we are unconsciously saying, ''I prefer holding on to this old hurt to ascending,'' or ''I would rather hold on to my fear of failure than ascend.''

We can use every moment as an opportunity for spiritual growth, because every thought we think either raises or lowers our vibrational frequency.

We can choose to be victims who live in the third dimension and react with rage, fear, or elation to varying circumstances. If we choose to become fifth-dimensional humans, we will learn how to stay centered and not expend energy swinging from one emotional extreme to another.

Carrying Light and living as a Master

Ascension is about living your life as a master, Diana explains.

''There was a time when humans couldn't carry enough Light in their body, so in order to reach the frequency of Ascension they had to 'pass over.' But I think that has long since passed. We have now raised our consciousness and developed our capacity to carry more Light. We can contain that Light and live our lives glowing and radiating that Light.''

People who carry more Light can choose to stay on earth in order to lead others forward. When they pass over, they can choose to come back to help raise the masses and serve humanity. They can lead children forward, or help prisoners, or do out-of-body service by helping those who are dying. Others may choose to work with people on the other side who need to be healed and helped.

The more Light we have in our cells, the closer we are to Ascension

''In order to pass the Third Initiation,'' Diana explained, ''we have to have a Light level of 50 percent. Then we merge with our Soul or Monad. The Light level for the fourth initiation is 62 percent, after which we leave the Wheel of Rebirth. For the Fifth Initiation, the Light level is 75 percent. For the Sixth Initiation and Ascension we need a Light level of 80 to 83 percent. To pass the Seventh Initiation and become a full Ascended Master we need a 92 percent Light level. It is then no longer possible to sustain a physical body.''

Fulfulling our life's mission

In order to ascend, we need to complete the mission we undertook for this life on earth.

''Some people have an inner knowing that they are doing what they came in to do. Others may need to access in meditation the blueprint of their life.''

It is important that those who are not on their true path get onto it, Diana said. Sometimes we can procrastinate for many lifetimes before we find our true life's mission. To fulfill our life's mission, we must learn to keep our minds focused on our goal until it comes to pass. When we raise our vibrational level, things will manifest through faith.

Ascension is like teamwork

Ascension is not about individuals forging ahead but is about the Ascension of Soul Families, and Soul Groups, which are groups of like-vibration people.

''I believe Ascension is like teamwork. We don't ascend in isolation,'' Diana said.

Since we do not know who is in our Soul Group, we may be inhibiting our Ascension by disliking a particular person who is key to our group's moving forward.

Directing our spirit at night

Even in the body, people are going out into the galaxies and they are bringing back help and Light. This can take place whether you are in or out of your body, whether you're doing it during sleep or after death.

''I've been to other galaxies and talked at Councils and asked for help for the planet. I've never planned it beforehand, it's always something that just happens.'' Diana suggested that we can direct our spirit at night by saying, for example, that we would like to direct our spirit to Archangel Gabriel's chamber for purification and release. We will then have a dream about purification, and we'll return in the morning experiencing a subtle shift.

''People tell me that after they go to these chambers, pains that they've had all their life disappear.''

We can also take other people to these chambers. Those who go to Ascension Chambers or Archangel retreats at night will return having made a shift in their consciousness.

Visiting the Ascension Chambers

Diana recommends to those who want to visit an Ascension Chamber that they access chambers on Earth before travelling to galactic ones.

There are two Ascension Chambers in the UK. One is above the Findhorn River, and is looked after by Archangel Gabriel. Another one is at Avebury. Sanat Kumara has an Ascension Chamber in Shamballa, and Serapis Bey has one in Luxor.

There also are Ascension Chambers at Giza, and in Mount Shasta, California. Ashtar's spaceship is an Ascension Seat, and there is an Ascension Seat in an underground extraterrestrial craft in Africa. Diana's book offers exercises to help people visit these and other Ascension Chambers.

Archangel Retreats

Each Archangel has a retreat in the etheric above our planet. Some of them include:

  • Archangel Michael's etheric retreat is above Banff, Canada. It protects against attack or harm and strengthens divine will and faith.

  • Archangel Jophiel has a retreat south of the Great Wall of China. This retreat helps people to overcome ignorance.

  • Archangel Chamuel has a retreat in the etheric above St. Louis, Missouri, which helps expand the flame of love.

  • Archangel Gabriel has a retreat above Mt. Shasta in California, which offers clarity, purity, order and discipline. His retreat at Findhorn, mentioned previously, is for purification and awakening.

  • Archangel Raphael's etheric realm above Fatima, Portugal, helps travelers and healers.

  • Archangel Uriel's retreat in the Tatra Mountains of Poland helps people find freedom by helping them to release fears.

  • Archangel Zadkiel works with the Violet Flame, in the etheric realm above Cuba, and shows people how to find tolerance and forgiveness.

  • Archangel Metatron enters through Findhorn, and helps people find truth and honesty with themselves and others.
Instant karma

In a fifth dimensional consciousness, everything we send out comes back ten-fold. According to Diana, we pay back debts very quickly in the higher dimension, and receive instant karma. ''This means that if you have a negative thought or do an unworthy action, the consequence will boomerang back to you immediately.''

Instant karma is something to be grateful for, since it gives us the opportunity to keep our books balanced. We are at this level when we live our life in service to others, and when we ask, ''Is this the highest thing I can do? Is this the highest way I can act? How did I create this?'' When we do this, Diana explained, we're walking as a Master in the fifth dimension.

Body changes that accompany dimensional shift

In the past, there was an extra burst of Light energy every year or during a full moon. But now people are being ''shaken around'' because high frequency energy is coming through and they're not certain of what is happening. It's altering their energy fields, even though they are not conscious of it. As a result, many people are experiencing changes in their body.

''We all have angelic qualities, and for some people, as their angelic qualities come in, their angel wings that they have in the etheric start to grow. They sometimes feel pain in the back of their shoulders.''

People are also having headaches as they clear their Third Eye. Diana writes that people no longer need to leave their physical body upon Ascension. They can live as they did before, but they will glow, shimmer, and radiate at a higher vibration.

The chakras

The Chakra System changes as we pass from the third into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

''Sometimes people feel a physical pain as the old negative energy that has been trapped in the chakras for a long time starts being released as their energy gets lighter.''

At the third dimension, the seven chakras are the colors of the rainbow, and they make a white light when they spin in perfect alignment. Diana writes that as we expand into fourth-dimensional beings, ''[T]he first seven chakras move progressively down the legs. ... When the first seven chakras move down the legs the next seven descend one by one taking their place. (The ninth chakra moves down into the base, etc.) Then we move into the fourth dimension and our personality merges with the soul.''

When our fourth-dimensional chakras are open (nine through fifteen), we have the opportunity for intergalactic communication and work. Chakras sixteen through twenty-two are fifth-dimensional chakras.

Further information about these new chakras, which is coming in for everyone, can be found in Angel Inspiration.

The planet and all beings will rise to the fifth dimension in 2012

The shift into a fifth-dimensional way of living must take place by 2012. This is the end of the Mayan calendar, the Second Coming of Christ, and the midpoint of the inbreath and outbreath of Brahma.

''It is a very important date. It's a time when enough people will have raised their consciousness for everyone to lift to another level. We can move into a planet of peace, harmony, mutual empowerment, and cooperation instead of conflict.'' In A Little Light on Ascension, Diana tells us that these are incredible times. Those who align with the higher vibration and who dedicate themselves to help the birthing of the planet into the fifth dimension and Ascension will receive rewards beyond their wildest comprehension.

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Diana Cooper is a therapist, healer and international author of nine books. She appears frequently on television and has regular broadcasts on the radio. Her work on angels has been featured in newspapers and magazines throughout the world, and she has helped countless people find more fulfilling lives. Diana's inspirational books help people to connect to the angelic realms. A Little Light on Ascension offers tools for those who wish to accelerate their spiritual growth so that they can take advantage of the waves of ascension which are about to take place.

Other books by Diana Cooper include: A Little Light on Angels, Findhorn Press; Golden Footsteps, Findhorn Press; Light Up Your Life, Piatkus Books; A Time for Transformation, Piatkus Books; Transform our Life, Piatkus Books; The Power of Inner Peace, Piatkus Books; A Little Light on Spiritual Laws, forthcoming title from Findhorn Press.

Diana Cooper's personal website includes a photograph of her that was taken before a television appearance, and standing behind her is the luminous form of an angel. To see this beautiful photograph, and many other extraordinary photos, please look at a section called Amazing Pictures on her website.

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This article is based on an interview conducted on August 10, 2001. Additional quotes are from Diana Cooper's A Little Light on Ascension.

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