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Gabriel Message concerning Japan and World Events

Revealing the Process of Ascension into Soul Consciousness

Children of Light - March 2011

Gabriel through Robert Baker

Hello to you all...

We wanted to write and share a channeled message from Gabriel about recent events, such as Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

On the subject of Japan - The message concerning the upheavals that have been taking place within political systems and with the Earth herself is actually quite simple.

You are moving into the influence of much higher energies from what we will call the Photon Belt. This is creating a major upheaval of all lower, dense energies, particularly where there are dominant energies of oppression. Those places are being majorly affected at this time.

You have reached a point of critical mass, which will result in the Earth going through accelerated changes. This comes as a result of the accumulated stress mankind has placed upon her. She is now reacting.

The "ley" (energy) lines of your planet are shifting, influenced by both the photon belt and the adjustments of the ascended mastery. They are making shifts in your planetary grids based on trying to create a new balance in all relationships on the planet.

The 7th Ray of consciousness is also influencing this move into balance... which first creates a breakdown of all the old systems that are out of balance. If systems (individual and collective) are not concerned for the good of the whole, the new energies will cause a breakdown - simply revealing the truth of what is out of balance.

You have created a worldwide connection of consciousness now, on a technological level and on a relational level of interdependence with one another in a way that has never been. The world economic system is one example. When there is an upheaval in any one part of this interdependence, there is a ripple effect.

This is all a perfect part of encouraging the unification process. It is revealing that you are all connected, not separate.

Your planet has been in a primitive level of consciousness and self-interest is one of the primary motivators that is causing the initial rise of people to help out. This is all a part of the Divine Plan, using where mankind has put itself in separation to the advantage of the forces and elements and structures of your planet.

If it is emergency situations of survival that are required, so be it... to bring people together into a common bond of connection and concern for the human condition.

This is one way of awakening people to a new direction or pathway aligned with the new 7th Ray, which will quickly influence the collective planetary personality.

This is all operating within your freedom of choice, but not so much on a conscious personality level, but it is mostly the individual soul consciousness that is seeking to to inspire from the depth of your soul plans. These energies are rising in each of you, in an attempt to prepare you for soul integration.

This will result in you growing into the potential and experience of valuing the good of the whole, encouraging you all to take responsibility.

The unified field will be realized on your planet one way or another, guided by the Divine Universal Plan.

You can choose how you integrate this... consciously or unconsciously. In the past, it has mostly been through a reactive, survival consciousness. This is the end of that cycle on your planet, and it is often going to be extremes that are required at first to get your attention.

This again is encouraging you to respond and grow in compassion. There will be a growing synthesis of consciousness that is awakening common man to your personal power.

On another note: The recent bill that passed, which is starting to outlaw people's ability to grow their own food is the world management team seeking to take over the world's food supply. For example, Monsanto is manipulating the DNA structure in seeds and is creating patents for these seeds as a part of that plan.

These events are all happening to encourage your awakening. There will come a point where people will need to stand up and say, "No more." You need to take responsibility for yourselves, to set boundaries. This is what is happening in other countries. You are all playing parts that can help one another to awaken.

There is nothing like self-satisfaction and narcissism to keep people in a "dream state" of inactivity... wanting merely to be left in the comfort zones of personal gratification.

To shake this up is what your present level of consciousness is requiring. This is a part of being in a wounded child's consciousness and fearful limitations. The opportunity lies in waking up to claim your adult, empowered potential as sacred, spiritual beings.

It is no longer going to be possible to remain as children saying to the system, "Take care of me." We encourage you to wake up and grow into your power and potential, loving and valuing one another.

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