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Facing Obstacles and letting Miracles happen.

Daily Quado

by Carrie Hart

Inside the moment, even great things which appear courageous and insurmountable are very easy, for the path opens up just as you approach it, the obstacle melts away and the thing you should do is obvious and clear, because it is right.”

A reader asks:

I read with deep interest your explanation of multiple life streams.  I have encountered difficult paths and had always tried my best to remove obstacles, no matter how many changes I had to face right to the dateline. But lately I acquired the wisdom to follow the path of least resistance and had been happy with the outcomes.  Now I am a little confused when in your posting on multiple life streams it was mentioned, “for often this golden shining path is very, very difficult and challenging".   Please clarify.  

A note from Carrie:  This question is referring to the message of August 14th.  If you missed it, you will still find it on http://www.carriehart.com/archives.htm


Quado responds:

This is a very interesting question, and calls to mind a number of areas of exploration. For these things are often confusing, and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to explore them at more depth.  

First, when you are facing obstacles, you must realize that often the largest obstacle standing between you and what you feel is right, or you and what you feel compelled to do, or what you desire doing, is your own fear.  This is often the largest obstacle of all.  And this may be fear of so many things.  And if facing this fear means confronting other people, there will be direction on how to do this, there will be guidance on the best path through this obstacle, but it will require you to overcome things which are very difficult for you, face down old demons, and simply take that deep breath and step up and say what you need to say.  

In one point of view, this is not the path of least resistance, because you have much internal resistance, much fear, inside.  But from another point of view, everything deeper inside, your sense of rightness, your feeling of what is necessary, is calling you to do this and it may in fact be very simple, simply stating the truth.  But these obstacles of fear are worth overcoming.  The path of least resistance should never be defined as avoiding all that you fear and living a life in which you run from the very encounters which will make you grow.  

But on the other hand, there is a way to live which is relatively effortless, once you realize that what is not being referred to is your fear.  If you listen to the voice inside and follow it, there will be a right way to do things, there will be a path which opens up in front of you, which is in so many ways easier than the things which you had planned to do.  With the “path of least resistance” what is being taught is to set aside your own ideas of how things ought to be done and instead take the path which has opened before you.  

You may have made a plan to climb a mountain.  And you have maps and have taken the advice of many experts and are setting out with your goal firmly in mind, ready to do whatever it takes, to scale the mountain and make your way along this path you have been advised to follow.  And along the way, you suddenly see a crevice in the rock, and it appears to you that this could be much easier.  You would achieve the same objective and yet it would cost you so much less time and effort.  You consult your maps and guidebooks and see that it is not there.  No, instead you are told you must go on a much more difficult road, and you were prepared to do this.  But his new crevice which has opened calls to you and you feel a deeply settled calm when you contemplate it.  At this moment, this is definitely the path of least resistance.  The path which others laid out for you is strewn with boulders and requires risk and climbing.  This crevice has apparently opened recently and feels calm and peaceful and, yes, right.  And so, this is a classic instance of where you should abandon your plans and goals, set aside the advice of others and walk through.  And if this requires that you set aside your fears as well, and especially your doubts about yourself and your own judgment, this can be a challenge.  But yet, it is clearly the right thing to do.  

And this path will, indeed, get you where you had hoped to go much more easily.  And even more, it may take you somewhere else entirely.  You may find that it did not lead you to the mountain peak you were trying to reach, where you would receive awards and recognition, but instead takes you to a hidden valley full of all of the things which you truly wanted in your life.  This is also possible.  Often these mysterious paths which open up, if you have the courage to follow even though they look so easy, will take you wondrous places indeed.  

But then there are other times.  You might say, certainly, that Gandhi did not follow the path of least resistance from the point of view of what he was required to confront and overcome in his lifetime.  And yet he was clearly led to follow this highly difficult and challenging path.  And there will be times in your life when that feeling of rightness will require you to do things which call upon every bit of courage you can muster, every bit of confidence in your own sense of rightness.  There are times when you may need to dig deep and pull yourself together and do what must be done, simply because it feels right, because you know it as right, at the time.  

And as you do that, as you take what may appear to be a very difficult path, it will be full of moments of least resistance; little miracles will be springing up around you all along the way, making it possible for you to do the impossible.  But it will require much courage to continually disregard the path you had thought to take, and the advice of others, and follow that voice, step by step, along your way.  

And all of it is led from the inside. All of it is about feeling that core of peace inside and doing what needs to be done. All of it is about acceptance, about looking around and seeing how things are in this moment.  Not in the moment you had planned on, not in the way you had hoped things would be, but how they are right now.  And then, relaxing, breathing, and accepting them, understanding them, and taking one step, and making that step the one which feels right.  

When you are centered in the moment, when you are not worrying about what might happen when you go this way, but are simply doing it, step by step, you will find that this right action does feel easy, does feel good, even though, from the outside it may appear difficult. For you are deeply centered in now, and right now, this is the easiest and most logical thing to do.  Inside the moment, even great things which appear courageous and insurmountable, are very easy, for the path opens up just as you approach it, the obstacle melts away and the way you should respond, the thing you should do, is so obvious and clear that there is no internal conflict, there is just now and the obvious step you should take, because it is right.  

And later you will look back and see that you acted with courage and did marvelous things no one thought were possible. And you did it all, step by step, within the moment, doing what felt right, which is, in that very moment, also the path of least resistance.

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