How do I fulfill my life's purpose?

Daily Quado

by Carrie Hart

A reader asks:

How do I fulfill my life's purpose while integrating it into my chosen profession? 

Quado responds:

The primary thing that you should do is live your life with integrity.  You can sense when you are doing this by the calm and peaceful feeling in your solar plexus.  In other words, what you are doing feels right.  

And this can be true even if your profession is not at all spiritual, not in the healing arts, not even in service.  You can still feel that what you are doing is right and that you are expressing what you need to express.  

Some people are called strongly to a particular profession.  Most simply do what comes along or what they are led to do by circumstance or parental guidance, and then later they begin discovering other things of interest to them. And then they are possibly left with a conflict, that what they enjoy doing and the way they earn money may not be the same.  

But yet, life is balance, is it not?  If you were a farmer and you loved farming, there would be days of back-breaking work, days with little satisfaction when things did not go well at all, and other days of wonder when the crops were full and plentiful and the right amount of rain and sun had brought everything to it fullest.  Life is like this.  It is a balance of many parts, many opposites, and a good life can be made from it, no matter what.  

Do not agonize over your inability to love what you are doing every moment.  No matter what you are doing, if you come down into the flow of it, if you immerse yourself in it and take what pleasure you can from it, if you are caring to the other people you work with and if you feel that you are giving value for the money you receive, it can be a good life.  It can be a good balance between bringing in the money you need to live the way you wish to live and other activity which feeds your more creative and spiritual sides.  This can be a fine way to live, and if it is your life, then just relax into it and be grateful.  

Your body is like a divining rod and you can learn to use it to determine what is right for you.  In any situation, there will be a right choice which will feel good in your center and this is what you should do.  If you live that way, you will be living with a deep integrity which integrates all the different parts of yourself and you will do well.  

If you do not, if you are forcing yourself to do things that do not feel right, perhaps because you are afraid to confront situations that need confronting, then you will invite illness into your body. You cannot live in a constant state of tension and anxiety, with your inner voice rebelling against you and your actions, and expect to find peace and well-being.  If this is the case, then you have two choices:  either leave the situation or change it.  

If the latter course is possible, then it may be a wonderful growing opportunity for you.  Often these situations which seem so hopeless and difficult are excellent schools for courage and you will find that this difficult boss can be your teacher, if only you will learn to tap into your truth, fill yourself with courage, and then just calmly and directly say what needs to be said.  In this way, what seemed to be a horrible situation can not only greatly improve, but can be the catalyst for taking you to a whole new level with regard to the way you relate to life.  

And you can go through life learning and growing in this way, continually getting stronger and doing more and more courageous things, all driven from your truth inside.  This is a life of integrity and it can be lived whether you are an accountant, an artist, a farmer, a janitor or a healer, whether you are rich or just get by, whether you are working with your hands, your mind or your body.  There does not need to be a direct link between your profession, the way you make money in the world, and your personal growth and purpose.  

Your primary purpose is to express yourself and expand into the best version of yourself, and your feeling of integrity and integration in your center knows which choices will help you to do this.  Some choices will lead you to great challenges which result in incredible growth, mountains which you scale; other choices will lead you to meadows of grass and sweet flowers where you may lie and rest for a time.  But if you make these choices from your own center of rightness, then they will always lead you to yourself, to the best __expression of yourself and your truth in that moment.

All you need to do is learn to become relaxed enough to sense your truth and then to take a deep breath and fill yourself with courage, the courage to do what you know is right for you in that moment.  Do this every moment and nothing else will matter.  You will find the balance of work which is right for you.  You will find the right path to walk.  The guidance is there within you, every moment. 

Do not desperately search for a map, feeling that you must know where you are headed.  Instead, just walk forward with your heart full of love, deeply into the moment and feeling the flow and then, at each fork in the road, do what feels right.  That is map enough.

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