"See beyond the boxes of judgment"

Daily Quado

by Carrie Hart

Judgment puts people in boxes. When you are judgmental, you create an orderly world out of a disorderedly one. For without the boxes, people are neither good nor bad, they simply are, full of failings, shortcomings and inappropriate emotions, full of goodness and love. They simply are. And like a jungle, everything overlaps and runs together. There is no way to judge if this plant is better than that one, since they are growing into each other, overlapping their boundaries and living in tangled coexistence.

And you are like this as well. You know how unfair it feels to be judged, since you are a very complex person. Your childhood and everything that happened since that time have led you to be like the tangled jungle, intertwined and complex. And everyone else is like this as well. What you believe is wrong may be right to someone else and vice versa. For all of it simply is.

When you stop trying to sort through the jungle, cutting things up and putting them into boxes, and instead, let it be as it is and just observe it, you will find great beauty indeed.

You will see that nature doesn’t draw straight lines and doesn’t build boxes. Nature loves curves and entanglements. Nature loves an orderly chaos formed by the lively interchange between living things. And your mind and personality are like this as well, not compartmentalized, not straight and linear, but complex, lively and intertwined, all of your different experiences melding and tangling with each other to make up who you are. And everyone else is like this as well.

And so, what we see is that without the boxes of judgment, the world is a lively and interesting place. And anyone that you may encounter, if you will but allow yourself to get past the surface judgment based on age, shape, clothing, accent, color and gender, and talk to them and learn what they have experienced, if you dig deep enough and listen with enough compassion and interest, you will discover a view of life which will teach you much. It is not about agreeing or not agreeing with them, it is not about cutting them up into little pieces which will fit into your boxes, it is about appreciating the complexity and wonder, the deepness and richness of human experience, what truly makes up this life.

Here is a little prayer for today

Today, I open to the world and the people within it and accept them just as they are, complex and interesting, full of wonder.

Today, I find room in my heart to open with compassion to all people, room in my mind to understand more about them, room in my life to allow them to be as they are.

Today, I accept myself completely, just as I am. I love all that I am, just as I am. I am love and tolerance. I am acceptance and peace. I am open, flowing and connected. I am.

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